jewel has bad timing

If Jewel wants attention, and it would seem she does, she shouldn't have posed for bikini pictures on Halloween weekend. If she ended up competing with hot girls in slutty costumes, she would get killed, and thx to sexy bitches like Kim Kardashian and Kimberly Phillips,... read more

Jewel is wasting this

Jewel spent last week in the Bahamas with her husband the cowboy, and maybe it was all the kick-ass weed over there but she lightened the hell up just long enough to take a picture in a bikini (full size pic here) and then post it on twitter (here). I'm sure someone like... read more


Jewel walked the red carpet last night at the Country Bear Jamboree Music Awards and showed off her lumpy rack.  Because, you know, why wouldn't she?  I'm not even remotely joking when i say I could stand with both feet on a basketball and with mittens on my hands and do... read more