Joanna Krupa in A Bikini (VIDEO)

Most problems in life can be solved simply by being beautiful and having stellar tits. Joanna Krupa's reputation suffered dearly with past accusations of hooking and having a pussy that smells like StarKist left out for the tabby. The lesser woman might be felled by such... read more

Joanna Krupa Topless For Treats!

In contrast to Hunter McGrady, Joanna Krupa starves herself to look amazing for those times she finds herself naked in private or public. Starvation isn't work. It's the absences of work. Don't shop, cook, or eat. No mess. No dishes. read more

Joanna Krupa Topless And Shit Around The Web

Joanna Krupa denies any past as a paid escort. She also is legally denying that her snatch smells like day old hamachi. However she's not denying us a look at her bare breasts, so pinch your nose and take a peek. read more

Joanna Krupa Topless in A Bikini

Joanna Krupa long ago shrugged off charges that she used to hook by marrying a shady foreign night club owner and showing off her tits. Way to move the hounds off your tracks. I don't know if she's still suing that other Bravo Housewives chick who called her snatch fishy... read more

Nothing Says Save the Animals Like Celebrity Tits

PETA has figured out that sex sells a message. Also that 95% of the general population loves eating animals more than making sure they have three square meals a day and subsidized cable. Consider naked ladies your last best option for changing minds. PETA used to run... read more

Joanna Krupa Baptized in a Bikini

Joanna Krupa pilgrimed to the Jordan River in modern day Israel where private escorts of the bible were routinely baptized before wasting quickly thereafter from the various waterborne STDs. Krupa chose a neon bikini beneath her white shirt to ensure her spiritual... read more

Joanna Krupa Waits for Justice

Joanna Krupa's defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville's on air assertion that Krupa has a smelly vagina rages on. I believe Clooney's wife is repping the offended snatch, so wait for the awkward moment when her husband is called as a witness to taste and smell. Just... read more

Joanna Krupa Sues For Pussy Defamation And Shit Around The Web

Joanna Krupa is suing her Real Housewife co-star Brandi Glanville for slander against her pussy. Apparently, Glanville made statements to the effect that Krupa's vag smelled like the Gowanus Canal at low tide. Can you sue for vaginal defamation? I don't see why not. Read... read more

Joanna Krupa Talks to the Animals

Most of the time we catch animals, we kill them, gut them, and eat them. I feel like this isn't conveyed strongly enough to the animals we maintain in zoos and parks. Maybe they'd stop bitching so much. At that Danish zoo, they hacked up a perfectly healthy giraffe right... read more

Joanna Krupa Is A DJ Now

There's no reason being attractive should limit you in your career choices. In fact, embrace the opportunity that comes with men being unable to say no to you. In short, be a DJ. Nobody even knows what the hell the job entails besides smiling and holding one half of a... read more

Joanna Krupa Pounds for Cash

You could find yourself in worse situations than being paid to get loaded and let guys moderatelyfondle you on New Year's Eve. Most girls had that happen for free. If you can show off your nipples and take home a check for $20K I'd say you're ahead of the game. Who the... read more

Joanna Krupa Has It Good

I bet this former working woman never gets mistaken for a valet when she leaves restaurants. That's an Obama burden she will never know. Hot blond women will never have to bite on a coin after being mistaken for a shoe shine or asked if they're holding large quantities... read more