CJ Franco Has Got Some Skills

This is the twenty-something chick director Len Wiseman took to shtupping during the splitting up period from his wife, Kate Beckinsale. He previously dumped his then wife to hook up with Beckinsale who he directed on Underworld when the series was still worth a home... read more

Kate Beckinsale Shimmies

There are certain signs that a woman won't be single for very long. Kate Beckinsale's second husband left her for a younger woman who looks a ton like her only without any botox or vaginoplasty yet. read more

Kate Beckinsale In Granny Panties Is Better Than Your Granny In Kate Beckinsale's Panties (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Sometimes you look at women in Hollywood and think, how badly will I get arrested if I'm looking at topless photos of you from 23 years ago? That's a trick of the trade. They're older than you think. read more

Kate Beckinsale Was Body Shamed First

Before social media even gave speaking truth to power an absolutely convoluted meaning, Kate Beckinsale was being called not skinny enough by Michael Bay during casting for Pearl Harbor. That shitty movie lasted longer than the actual sinister Japanese attack on the U.S.... read more

Kate Beckinsale's Husband's Girlfriend Seems Young

Director Len Wiseman has been seen club hopping with self-described actress CJ Franco on his arm. His wife Kate Beckinsale has been off promoting the next Underworld shit in some Eastern bloc nation where you roll your own smokes. Assuming Wiseman knows paparazzi photos... read more

Nobody Wore Bras to the American Music Awards

Teens, old chicks, strange foreign chicks with pasties who nobody remembers inviting. All the girls went braless last night at the American Music Awards. After watching two minutes of sunken eyed anorexics talking fashion on E!, I discovered braless is a new style trend.... read more

Kate Beckinsale Hawking London Apartments

After thirty years as a dormant power plant serving mainly the interest of down low buggering in London, the Battersea Power Station is being turned into a bunch of upscale condos and shops right along the Thames. The developers have dispersed hot British chicks with... read more

Kate Beckinsale In A Bikini

I'm not sure why the camera guys snapping pictures of celebrities in Mexico can't get clearer photos. I think it's got something to do with the tropical climate. Or maybe bribing the right local officials to get in normal lens range. For the right payoff in Mexico, you... read more

Kate Beckinsale In A Bikini

I can't look at hot moms wearing bikinis without thinking about all the hot moms in my neighborhood when I was a kid who refused to reciprocate or even acknowledge the very real and masturbatory feelings I had for them. But I vowed back in those days that I would grow up... read more

its Jessica Biel at the 'Total Recall' premiere/senior prom

‘Total Recall' had their big fancy Hollywood premiere last night, which doubled as a senior prom according to Jessica Biels dress. The theme was A Night to Remember, and all the tables had iridescent marbles in water as centerpieces. At the end of the night Kate... read more

'Total Recall' has a trailer

The first full trailer for Len Wiseman's ‘Total Recall' remake went up yesterday, with Colin Farrell playing a smaller though more intelligible Douglas Quiad/Hauser and Kate Beckinsale as his wife who is very dismissive when he asks, "Why are you trying to kill me?" Even... read more

Kate Beckinsale is photogenic

Kate Beckinsale is in Mexico today with her husband Len Wiseman, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that Len Wiseman can go fuck himself. (image source = splash) [gallery ids="906801,906802,906812,906822,906831,906832,906841,906842"] read more