Jon And Kate Plus Hate

Being a single mom with eight children to raise in America today will either land you on section8 or a reality show on TLC. It's better to make yourself a spectacle on cable and rake in the cash. read more

Jon Gosselin Accused of Inappropriate Behavior

Whatever shit storm fame whores with eyes for easy money endure during the filming of themselves and their children on reality TV, the real death and dismemberment is reserved for when the cameras have long since gone away. There is no going back from the reality pact... read more

Kate Gosselin Like a Face Lifted Phoenix

I'm not sure how much a river of Botox is in cc's, but Kate Gosselin is looking fine at forty. There's no reason she can't take another dozen embryos into her shudder pouch and give them life on camera. Now that the Duggars have been exposed for not being the normal kind... read more

TLC Is Giving Kate Gosselin More Money

TLC announced yesterday that at some point in June, it will air a one-time special featuring Kate Gosselin and her eight children to answer the biggest question on every asshole's mind: "Why haven't those poor children been taken away from their desperately... read more

Jon Gosselin Wants Custody Of His Sextuplets

Now that Kate Gosselin is once again, at the very least, a temporary laughing stock after her two oldest daughters embarrassed her during their interview on Today, Jon Gosselin is finding that as many people as he can count on a hand kind of give a shit about what he... read more

Kate Gosselin's Kids Don't Lie as Easily As She Does (VIDEO)

Even Al Qaeda knows you don't just grab a Westerner and put them on camera to talk about how the U.S. is the Great Satan. No, they rehearse with their kidnap victim, they practice, they lay down some vicious and brutal beatings to completely break the spirit. Then they... read more

Jon Gosselin Is Still Stuck on His Horrible Wife

Jon Gosselin called his ex wife and fellow horrible person Kate Gosselin all kinds of yucky names. The two assholes rose to fame a few years ago when Kate bio-mechanically squeezed out a litter of eight pups like a suburban labrador retriever. The two starred in Jon and... read more

Kate Gosselin Sues Jon Gosselin Because She Can

Kate Gosselin is suing her ex-husband Jon because she wants money. I ran it through my pea-sized brain why else it could be, but, no, it's just money. Whatever that dipshit has left from paying child support for eight kids, she wants it. So about two cents. She claims... read more

Kate Gosselin Makes Racist Face On Twitter

Kate Gosselin continued to prove to the world just what a sack of shit she is in a 'slant eye' selfie that's surfaced on Twitter. The former reality star is wearing a plastic "geisha" headpiece in the picture and decided to finish off the look by pulling her eyes back... read more

Celebrity Wife Swap: Kendra Wilkinson vs Kate Gosselin

Here's everything you need to know about what a mean desperate fame whore Kate Gosselin is: she and Kendra Wilkinson are going on a show called ‘Celebrity Wife Swap'. That title promises three things, and Kate can't deliver on any of them. She's not famous, not married,... read more

everyone hates Kate Gosselin

Well this is news to me, but according to this story about Kate Gosselin, being a mean, disagreeable bitch that no one can stand to be around is a deterrent to getting a job. Weird, huh? "She has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea... read more

Kate Gosselin has the perfect family car

Just last week Kate Gosselin was telling People magazine that she's not sure what she's going to do for a job now that her TV show has been canceled, but that her 8 kids were her number one priority and she'd go to any limits to make sure they're taken care of. In a... read more