Kate Hudson Bikini Pimp

Kate Hudson has spent the past year traveling the world's celebrity hot spots in a bikini or less. In case you miss the constant tabloid stories raving about her amazing mom body, she has you covered on social media with shots of her bare ass cartwheels and reverse crab positions only the limber teens can maintain for an extended porn scene.

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Kate Hudson Fake Ass

Kate Hudson fired off a hot picture of her ass with the advanced admission that it had been airbrushed. Hudson's morally inconsistent fans praised her integrity which is a weird thing to do when somebody intentionally posts fake pictures.read more

Kate Hudson Knows Parenting (VIDEO)

Here's a good way to fuck up a boy. Divorce his dad, make another son with another full-time touring musician, ditch that guy too, and raise your son as a single mom sharing his private moments on Chelsea Handler's insufferable new Netflix show. Meth addiction would be less ruinous.read more

Kate Hudson Work Outs Working Out Well for Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has finally agreed to accept her body. It's come at or around the time she got gross profit points in Fabletics athletics wear for women. She made the announcement following a discussion of the rigors of being a wealthy mom with two kids in Malibu who struggles to find the six hours a day needed to stretch, workout, and meditate herself into acceptable female form. Kate's new book, Pretty Happy, reveals...

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Kate Hudson Cruising Social Media

Every six years, Kate Hudson engages a new rock frontman to make a baby with. As an indulged child Kate Hudson threw her gum at a gypsy woman and this is her fate. Someday she will lead her ill gotten offspring up to a volcano in Romania and end the curse. Which sucks for her team of nannies who will suddenly find themselves with a gift bag of Fabletics sports bras and a pink slip. We're going to need more bubbles. I...

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Gwyneth Paltrow And Kate Hudson Night Out In Hollywood

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson hit the same evening spot without bras to show the world that yoga and plastic surgery and money are literally unstoppable. The two celebrity moms exchanged ideas on how to fleece the female general public with merchandising cons so simplistic, it's hard to believe they work. But they do. Then they cackled without moving their lips and agreed that if neither is married for the fourth...read more

Kate Hudson Fabletics Scam, Or Not

Kate Hudson fronts the moronically named sports apparel line for women under fire because customers keep signing up for some grifter VIP new outfit of the month club and can't figure out how to quit. I'd mock them more but I'm still paying for a Bally's gym membership I quit eight years ago and I just got a cash on delivery order of Best of Steve Miller cassette tapes from BMG. The company that owns Fabletics uses a...

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Kate Hudson Is Porking A Jonas And Shit Around The Web

Sexy cougar Kate Hudson has been seen around town with Nick Jonas even though she's like 50 and he's barely old enough to be making out with college boys. I guess there is still some gas in the old girl yet. Read more about this torrid affair. (Dlisted) Arianny Celeste shows off her lingerie at home. (Last Men On Earth) Maura Tierney does it naked in the Boob Tube roundup. (Egotastic All-Stars) Coco, pregnant as fuck,...

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Kate Hudson Busy Promoting

Kate Hudson is busy promoting her Fabletics brand of activewear for women who like post photos at the gym after misting their foreheads with a spray bottle. Hudson posted this one to Instagram along with her friend Angi Greene. It's unclear which is which or what Greene does but it probably involves that water bottle and a hot bath. "My #fitspiration girlfriend @angigreene Always good to have a friend who can kick...read more

Kate Hudson And Goldie Hawn in Bikinis

Goldie Hawn seems constantly in motion. It may have something to do with what happens to her skin during standstill. She may slurry back into her periodic table elements. Hawn seems like a good mom who doesn't judge her daughter for showing up with a different musician and a different baby every year on the family holiday. Actually maybe that's a bad mom. You could drop a little hint like if you want to fuck lots of...read more

Gillian Anderson Returns

The X-Files is returning to Fox because they couldn't think of anything relatively less derivative and nerds at lesser city Comic-Cons want one last chance to tug one out to Gillian Anderson. You'd like to think that a metropolis comprised entirely of super duper pill popping sodomites could come up with some novel programming ideas, but constantly checking your wristband to see how many feet you've walked today takes...

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Kate Hudson Gets the Memorial Day Nod

Each Memorial Day Joel Silver gathers all the cool names in show business to hang out at his place in Malibu and pretend they're not wishing each other dead with the pox. You have to go if you're invited since Joel Silver runs a shit ton of movies and TV shows. It's also a chance for the newbies to run lines with Silver while his peen is planted firmly in the back of their throats, a rite of passage easily forgotten...

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Goldie, Kate and Donatella Ready to Wear

It's a matter of opinion as to who among the group of girlfriends is the one staying home on Saturday night, but I'll randomly bet behind the one who resembles a Tim Burton stop-motion character. Goldie Hawn insisted on accredited university degrees for the dude who slices her up on the regular. Her daughter only needs a couple toxin needles here and there. But that Corpse Bride really got the shaft. You have to...

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Kate Hudson Is Single

Every five years Kate Hudson composts her hemp diaphragm and lets a rock star make a baby inside of her. Get your discography together if you want to make a good looking kid. Not that you heard it from me, but I'd wait until you see the glassy stare in her eyes before you ask for intercourse proper. While waiting, why not sample some of her athletic gear. Fabletics. Kate came up with that name by combining the word...

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Kate Hudson Is Charitably Minded

Kate Hudson holds the Baby2Baby Gala every year in Los Angeles. I believe it raises money for women who get knocked up by multiple rock stars. The word 'baby' in any charity provides extensive leeway into nobody asking where the hell their check is going. It's called BabyMurder, just sign your name and hand over some of that TV syndication dough, fat fucking Oprah. Outside of The AIDS and Mmm, Sex With Obama, Baby is...

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