Brazilian Megan Fox and Shit Around the Web

Italian mystery models, nude scenes in comic book movies, and more! read more

Bumbums in Boy Shorts and Shit Around the Web

India Westbrooks see-through, Madison Pettis all grown up, and more! read more

Catherine McPhee Cleavage Show And Shit Around The Web

Katherine McPhee shows the world her tit cleavage. She once showed it to another married person and many lives were ruined. Sucks for them. Tits still good for us onlookers. read more

Katherine McPhee Kind of Banged Mary McCormack's Husband

Here's nothing new, married couples cheat. Celebrity married couples, it runs about 97% plus or minus three percent. All you can really hope for is that your spouse isn't such an amateur they get caught in public doing it. Like the dude who was going down on Kristen... read more

‘Smash’ is desperate to start a fight

NBC has been in last place for years, because they don't know what the hell they're doing, but now they finally have a new and exciting plan for climbing out of the cellar. And that plan is to rip off 'Glee'. So last night 'Smash' premiered, and began the tale of two... read more


American Idol alum Katherine McTits is on the cover of Shape this month, and you can see a full size version of the picture here. You're better off doing that than borrowing my copy, which at this point is covered in saliva and teeth marks. read more

katherine mcphee: better or worse?

Winning an award at the Glamour Magazine Women of The Year Honors is pretty much the most important thing in the world, and once you do your life will never be the same. For example, if your coffee table is wobbling, you can shove it under one of the legs. Ta-da! Last... read more


Unbelievably, Katherine McTits actually married her longtime boyfriend Nick Cokas (this dork) late Saturday afternoon in Beverly Hills, and I say "unbelievably" because he's almost twice her age.  She is 23, he is 42. "(Nick) is the love of my life," McPhee gushed to ... read more


Katherine McBoobs was on the set of her new (first?) movie yesterday - the same one with Anna Farris lookin like this - when her ugly ass dress earned a high five by making a break for it and showing off her surprisingly hot ass.  I won't get all technical, but I paid my... read more