Katy Perry Prayed the Gay Away

The Human Rights Campaign for gay human rights routinely hands out awards to straight Hollywood celebrities to watch those silly straights struggle to invent gay credibility stories. The NAACP does the same to witness white actors talk about the jazz musicians their old... read more

Katy Perry Valiant Breakup Hair Cut

Women like to cut their hair after a breakup. Guys mostly try to fuck their previous girlfriends. I can tell you which costs less. Both will get your friends talking. read more

Rocking the Vote Ain't What It Never Was

To every institution, media outlet, and youth oriented marketing firm which ever used or borrowed the term, "Rocking the Vote", it's never ever actually worked before. As a brief FYI, twelve year old Katy Perry fans can't vote. read more

Madonna Voting Naked for Hillary

Hillary Clinton's campaign is pushing two fronts. Female celebrities getting naked to encourage voting and essays by apologetic men in HuffPo and similarly leaning publications about how people who dislike Hillary only do so because she's a woman. read more

Katy Perry Flashes Her Ass And Shit Around The Web

Katy Perry shows her ass while bike riding. It's not an incredible ass, but compared to her boyfriend's cock pics of last week, it's at least semi-useful if you have alone time. read more

Orlando Bloom Bare Cock Paddling Katy Perry

If you love famous man dick, the Internet has a present for you. Orlando Bloom took his bare cock and Katy Perry out on a paddle board in Sardinia, because that's what you do when you do whatever the fuck you want. Bloom seems super gay, but it turns out he's just British... read more

Can Katy Perry's Shitty New Song Save the Shitty Summer Olympics? (VIDEO)

NBC has tapped Katy Perry's new familiar sounding single, Rise, as the official anthem of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. That means Universal footed the bill for the studio time to translate inspiring Amazing Race riffs into a pop song about overcoming obstacles, like... read more

Katy Perry Gets Her Convent

Katy Perry has managed to make a shit ton of money without ever showing her tits, not once, not ever. That should please the nuns, but it hasn't.The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who I believe once opened for Pantera, declined tosell their Los Felizconvent... read more

Katy Perry Might Be JonBenet Ramsey

Everybody laughed at Drudgereport for a ridiculous story about a fat chick in a semen stained blue dress and at the National Enquirer for suggesting that they saw Presidential candidate front-runner John Edwards banging his campaign videographer in a Beverly Hills hotel... read more

Katy Perry Dazed And Confused At The Golden Globes

Give Katy Perry the benefit of the doubt and assume she was super fucking high at the Golden Globes. The other option is retarded but I'm told that's not a diagnosis based on who you're fucking. This may be the closest she's ever come to being perfect. Her big tits... read more

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid And Alessandra Ambrosio Getting Paid

Fashion Week separates the wheat from the chaff. It's all fun and games to pretend you're hot at 5'1" with an obscenely plumped up bottoms and titties, but when these fashion houses are plunking down millions to sell simply stunning variations of the same shit they've... read more

Katy Perry Massive Handprints

Somebody who deserves a lot more respect than he's receiving this morning convinced Katy Perry she had to get on all fours to dip her hands into cement in front of the Chinese Theater. Beautiful people were gathered in gowns forthepremiere of a fashion documentary nobody... read more