Katy Perry Killing the Fap

One of the lesser noticed elements of the 2016 Presidential election was how all the female celebrities who pushed for Hillary committed with their own lady boy cropped hair cut. read more

Katy Perry Explains Her Beef

You had to know that when Katy Perry finally explained her pop star feud with Taylor Swift, it was going to be far less than interesting to a grown up. read more

Amber Heard Waterlogged Cleavage and Shit Around the Web

Gabrielle Caunesil, Petra Nemcova, and more! read more

Katy Perry Hates Taylor Swift

Pop music star battles are the encephalitic younger cousins of rap star battles. Just smile and hand it that balloon it keeps staring at. read more

Ariel Winter Busting Out and Shit Around the Web

Lara Stoneright breast in V Magazine (DrunkenStepfather) Reese Witherspoonsucking down crawdads (TMZ) Amateur Nude Gallery: Leggy redhead Delila (TaxiDriverMovie) Hippie chickJulia Almendracommunes with nature (EgotasticAllStars) Ariel Winterbaring boobtastic cleavage (... read more

Chloe Sevigny Busting Out All Over and Shit Around the Web

Busty BritLisa Appletonslips a tit (DrunkenStepfather) Dara TomanovichfromBio-Domeis still super hot (TMZ) Paris Jacksonlimousine upskirt (TaxiDriverMovie) Stella Coxcasts a level ten hardness spell (EgotasticAllStars) Carlie Jo Howell's pasties collection (HollywoodTuna)... read more

Katy Perry Fans Pissed

Katy Perry is facing backlash for collaborating with rap group Migos on a new single. Not simply because she's slumming it, it turns out Migos made some slightly homophobic remarks about a rapper who came out of the closet. Nothing like you'd imagine where some guy drops... read more

Katy Perry Googles 'Katy Perry Hot'

Now that the election dust is semi-settling, the whiplashed I'm With Her celebrity supporters are marching through various stages of loss. There was shock and anger and buying really expensive shit they didn't need and attending one rally for half an hour and Tweet... read more

Katy Perry Prayed the Gay Away

The Human Rights Campaign for gay human rights routinely hands out awards to straight Hollywood celebrities to watch those silly straights struggle to invent gay credibility stories. The NAACP does the same to witness white actors talk about the jazz musicians their old... read more

Katy Perry Valiant Breakup Hair Cut

Women like to cut their hair after a breakup. Guys mostly try to fuck their previous girlfriends. I can tell you which costs less. Both will get your friends talking. read more

Rocking the Vote Ain't What It Never Was

To every institution, media outlet, and youth oriented marketing firm which ever used or borrowed the term, "Rocking the Vote", it's never ever actually worked before. As a brief FYI, twelve year old Katy Perry fans can't vote. read more

Madonna Voting Naked for Hillary

Hillary Clinton's campaign is pushing two fronts. Female celebrities getting naked to encourage voting and essays by apologetic men in HuffPo and similarly leaning publications about how people who dislike Hillary only do so because she's a woman. read more