Kelly Ripa Seems Happy

Former NFL lineman Michael Strahan has been anointed by ABC as their magical morning TV negro. He's been promoted through the morning infotainment TV show ranks at speeds unnerving to his facially barely recognizable female co-hosts who haven't eaten since the first Bush administration. While Strahan's co-host on Live, Kelly Ripa, has been struggling to eliminate her final two percent of body fat, Strahan's been wined...

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Shaq And Kelly Ripa Raises Questions

Kelly Ripa and Shaq posed for a picture together and the only thing anyone was thinking was what would happen if they banged. Ripa comes in about dick height on O'Neal who probably has a legal disclaimer ready in the event of romantic activities. It would be great to be Shaq for a day. Sure it would get old banging your head into ceiling fans and being pointed at by Asians but just imagine how fantastically thorough...

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Kelly Ripa Gets Down And Dirty

I don't know why it makes me uncomfortable to learn Kelly Ripa fucks her husband all the time. Odds are she even fucked dudes before they met. There are dudes walking around out there who have literally put their dick in Kelly Ripa. I know why the thought ofRipaspread eagle on a mattress kills my boner. After catching her in ninesecond glimpses fake laughing at bullshit on Live while channel surfingthe last twenty...

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Kelly Ripa Pardons James Franco (VIDEO)

It's worrisome when the morning talk show bobble heads get confronted with unscripted situations. Like Kelly Ripa and lisping Michael Strahan providing James Franco the forum to cop to encouraging a seventeen year old girl on Instagram to meet him in a hotel room.These teleprompter monkeys off the cuff are more awkward than bringing a honey-baked ham to a kosher pot luck. Based on his deeply furrowed brow, more

Kelly Ripa Is in Mexico Looking For Her Missing Tits

Kelly Ripa responded to critics of her anorexic frame by packing on some Cameron Diaz 40-something lady muscle. In an era when so many celebrities are feeling the need to artificially enhance the size of their breasts, it's nice to see one woman make hers completely disappear. Not quite as dramatically as Angelina Jolie and her pre-cog chop chop, but certainly just as gone. Now we can finally focus on the inane words...

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Kelly Ripa went as happily married Kim Kardashian

At around the exact same time that the story broke about Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey were on TV dressed up as Kim and Kris at their wedding. Hopefully the crowd turned on them and yelled "too soon!", "boooo", "you suck!" What an unexpected twist that would have been! I would have thrown a rock at Lacheys stupid face too. And when someone asked, "mad about more

this is much better

These new pictures of Kelly Ripa in a bikini are very much like the other pictures of Kelly Ripa in a bikini, except greener. (image source = splash and mavrix)read more

This is freakin me out

Kelly Ripa went swimming this morning in Miami before filming "Live with Regis and Kelly" a few hours later, and I wish she hadn't because her belly button is making me extremely uncomfortable. It sticks out so far it even casts a damn shadow. I think she's hot but this is gonna be a real problem for us. The only way it could be any creepier is if it had spiders climbing out of it. (image source = splash) [gallery...

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Kelly Ripa is a hot bitch

Some things to take away from these pictures of Kelly Ripa yesterday, down in Miami with her hunky husband and their three kids, in town to film "Regis and Kelly Live." Picture 4 - Yeah, yeah you like that? You like rubbin it all over? Well I got some white stuff you can take on your face right here, baby. It's the Night Essential moisturizer from Shiseidos "The Skincare" line. It's so light but Oh - My - God. Picture...

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I can’t imagine why, but Kelly Ripa was talking about 80’s Phillies third baseman/cry baby Mike Schmidt this morning, when she tripped over his name a ended up cursing on live TV. I don’t know why this is newsworthy, but Kelly Ripa is hot so there’s never a bad reason to think about her. I know this guy and he said she’s real into porn. And not typical girl porn either. Not "Lovers Roulette" or "Forbidden Tryst" or...

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Kelly Ripa was the marquee name at the High Heel-A-Thon in Central Park for March of Dimes yesterday in New York, and I realize this won’t win me much street cred, but I would tear her little ass up. She would walk in the house and I would pounce on her like Dino does when Fred gets home, and for the rest of the weekend she’d have to figure out how to do errands and cook and stuff with me mounting her from behind. By...

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