Kendall Jenner Ditched Her Bra and Fucked Her Friends

Attractive girls can never be friends. Public attention and notoriety is a fixed pie. If that bitch gets it, you lose it. There's no rising tide lifts all boats sentiment seeping through these posing girl social more

Kendall Jenner Has Her Own Back

Stephanie Seymour made a name for herself with teen and early 20's years of nude photos, drugs, and fucking famous celebrities. Maybe four star resort barebacking with Warren Beatty isn't so horrible, but sucking Axl Rose's limp drunk dick for nine months has to leave an emotional more

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Model Bikinis

You can stew over the fact that a couple uneducated teens have lapped you in capitalism, or you can contrive a real estate scam to swindle it all from more

Calvin Klein Still Likes Them Young

Calvin Klein's is under attack for exploiting rape culture porn memes to sell jeans and underwear. The Calvin Klein marketing obsession with underaged girls dates back to a young Brooke Shields suggesting double-entendres about her jeans and the men who would like to cover her in jizz. Forty years later Klein's got a chick flashing her panties upskirt as part of the I in My Calvin's Campaign. She "flashes" in hers. more

Kendall Jenner Meets the President

The White House Correspondents Dinner used to be a showcase for the sitting President to recite cracks about himself and the White House press corps then hand out a bunch of awards to dead people. The annual event served as a friendly reminder that the press who cover POTUS will do pretty much whatever he and his staff ask since they're looking for access or just sweet jobs in the White more

Kendall Jenner Searches for Her Real Daddy

Khloe Kardashian's paternity chase ended with her being part Kris Jenner's late 80's hairdresser and part used Burger King french fry oil. Kendall Jenner is now seeking her true lineagesinceit's hard to picture a gay man with tits beingyour real dad. Also, Kris Jenner keeps teasing around how many other people she fucked whilemarried to Dead Bob Kardashian and Bruce Jenner both. The Scarlet Letter isn't formost women,...

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Kendall Jenner Nipple Piercing

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner love to slap and tickle and pull each others clothes off and take silly shots of their bare bodies and post them online. You can't sexually objectify a woman if she's your sister. Check Webster's. These feral children are the Lost Girls of a Neverland that rewards the whorish. Kylie Jenner snapchatted close-ups of her sisters nipple piercing over the weekend. That's so sixth grade. Or...

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MTV Movie Awards Are Somehow Still Going On

The MTV Movie Awards aren't a tribute to the tastes of teenagers who one day will be servicing park vending machines as part of a workfare program so much as a completely staged Viacom publicity event. There were a couple notable faces and Jessica Chastain's tits cinched up to resemble proofing bread, but the bulk of the attendees were not yet dead cast members of MTV's reality show and aspiring actresseswho've had more

Kardashians In Disguise On Hollywood Tour

Three of the Kardashian sisters got made up in prosthetics so they'd be fat and ugly on the outside too and hopped on a Hollywood open top tour bus for a lark. Nobody recognized them. Isn't that crazy? They filmed the bit for their show mocking Middle Americans on those tour busses who pay to see the alleys where John Travolta does his missionary work with young boys. This is what happens when creatively blocked more

Kendall Jenner Punches A Paparazzi

This is it. The net result of a decade and a half of neocon foreign policy and playing policeman to the world. Kendall Jenner punched a Frenchman. Right in his obnoxious. The guy was a photographer who got into her safe space after a night of Parisian clubbing and she let loose. The French dude reticently appreciated how the universe was paying him back for being a dick. Jenner's team of bodyguards were less pleased...

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Gigi Hadid And Kendall Jenner Hand Bras

Your tits are so much bigger than mine. Oh. stop it, I wish I had perfect little boobs like you. We're both perfect. Let's touch ourselves and giggle. Why is your mom taking our picture? Of course I trust her not to sell them. She's my more

Gigi Hadid Underboob For Love Magazine

Gigi Hadid is the Hadid sister who doesn't have celebrity lyme disease. She's carrying zika. Maybe ebola. Something topical that's absolutely not herpes from the not-gay one in One Direction. Her underboobs look exactly like the underboobs of her sister two days ago. You wouldn't even know which one of them is dying. Which one is it again? There was never going to be enough to send both girls to rehab. This just more

Kendall Jenner Camel Toe And Shit Around The Web

It's no secret that Kendall Jenner likes to wear super tight pants. If you do that long enough, eventually you are going to flash some camel toe. Especially if your vulva isswollen from all the rain we've been having. And black men. And more rain. Nary a fuck was given. (Hollywood Tuna) Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner shows off some red bra and panties. (Last Men On Earth) Emanuela Albino takes it all off. ( more

Kocktails With Khloe Ignites (VIDEO)

In 2014,Kris Jenner launched her daytime talk show for the morbidly obesewaiting for their class action settlement checks. Jenner immediately suffered from having absolutely nothing to talk about beyond her pumpkin head family. Khloe Kardashian's talk show Kocktails With Khloe just kicked off on the fyi network which may or may not be a real thing. The show features Khloe surrounded by obviously fatter more more

Farrah Abraham v. Kendall Jenner And Shit Around The Web

It's difficult to say who is more of a useless sack of shit, Farrah Abraham or the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. As Kendall Jenner and Farrah Abraham trade barbs I can't pick who to root for. It's reminds me of this time I saw two crack whores having a bottle fight in an alley in NYC. Though, to be fair, the Ray J joke is pretty solid. (TMZ) Hannah Ferguson is all kinds of booby in Victoria's Secret. (Last Men On...

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