Kardashian Victims The Hollywood Reporter Interview

The Hollywood Reporter must have had some extra black dicks lying around, and some cheesecake for Khloé, because they were able to lure almost the entire Kardashian/Jenner klan (Caitlyn was off making America great again) to one place for a new photoshoot and interview.... read more

Kim Kardashian Racist Defense Apology

Racists are all the rage right now, and Kim Kardashian seemed to have caught the bug for a millisecond before denouncing her wavering convictions. Apparently there's someone alive on this planet named Jeffree Star, and apparently, he's a makeup artist who talked shit... read more

Xenia Van Der Woodsen Gives You Wood and Shit Around the Web

  Kim v Kylie: Who wore it better, nude cast members of American Horror Story, and more! read more

Kim Kardashian Visible Nipple Boot Camp

Kim Kardashian wears shorts belonging to a lesbian veteran who's seen better days while out and about with half sister and full prostitute Kendall Jenner. Kardashian completes the fashion-forward look with a see-through top that tells the world: "For money I will fuck... read more

Kim K Has Third Baby On The Way

After two kids Kim is realizing the stresses of pregnancy are for the poor and underprivileged. Surrogacy is in. That or her lower half couldn't handle the strain of a child and her gelatin filled trash bag ass.  read more

Kim Kardashian See-Through Nipple Town

Retired porn star Kim Kardashian took a break from doing nothing to show off her girthy nipples in a transparent wife beater. "Leave me out of this" - Johnny Depp. She completes the look with Adidas shorts and high heels. When you marry a gay man with a passion for... read more

Kim Kardashian Blow Off

The Kardashians are worse than chlamydia. Every time you think they're gone for good, they evolve and come back stronger. read more

Kate Upton Gun Show and Shit Around the Web

Anna Faris rocks a bikini, Yankee Doodle Boobies, and more! read more

Polina Malinovskaya Russian (W)hacking and Shit Around the Web

Kim K tries to be Jackie O, Caroline Vreeland clearly nude, and more! read more

Chrissy Teigen Not Collecting the $45K Kardashian Surrogacy Bounty

Chrissy Teigen offered to be the surrogate for Kim Kardashian's third child. Outwardly, she seems a perfect match. The nearly identical levels of zero discernible talent yet large fan base by way of black music artist fucking and shameless sharing is like looking into a... read more

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Use Surrogate

Any means of procuring a baby is narcissistic. We don't want to be surrounded by our reptile collections and disinterested nieces and nephews playing Pokemon go on our deathbeds.  read more

Kim Kardashian Blackface Apology

Kim Kardashian shared a heartfelt apology in the form of blaming her staff for publishing a super dark skin tone photo of her profile in promotion of her new KKW beauty line. A bunch of idiots labeled the shopped contrast photo as blackface, while even dumber people... read more