Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile Kiss

Kristen Stewart is back in baby's arms. The actress who channels privilege rage into lesbian make-out sessions is back together with her previous girlfriend and personal assistant, Alicia Cargile. Not just men fuck their assistants in Hollywood. Though men often weigh looks over anything to do with "she loves to lithograph and can move a queen mattress by herself".

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Kristen Stewart Returns To Previous Muff And Shit Around The Web

Kristen Stewart continues her lesbian experimental phase with ex scissoring partner Alicia Cargile. The two have been seen at Cannes together sticking it to all their former lesbian partners with secret lesbian gang signs. You know they exist. No, it's not the tongue between the two more

Kristen Stewart Cautious About Woody And Shit Around The Web

Kristen Stewart was reluctant to work with Woody Allen because he's an accused child molester. But then she said, "Fuck it", did his movie and cashed her paycheck. Being temporarily lesbian doesn't make you the world's more

Kristen Stewart Lesbian Lean Out

Kristen Stewart dumped her burly French DJ girlfriend after wrapping a film n Paris. Soko had to suspect she was merely an out of town work fling. You're three knuckles deep and she's insisting you can only reach her via telegram. How many times did she change the subject when you asked her to go in on a full carton of cigarettes?read more

Kristen Stewart Working Both Sides And Shit Around The Web

Twilight star and newly minted power lesbian Kristen Stewart tried to be sexy in some tights for Chanel. Personally,I wouldn't fuck her with Soko Sokolinski's dick. Unless nobody was looking, then yeah. If you likeKristen Stewart as a hetero-normative, click here. (Last Men On Earth) Miranda Kerr is super cleavy in a sheer outfit. (Egotastic) WWE divas go bikiniing together. (TMZ) Taylor Swift shows off her Big more

Kristen Stewart And Soko Seem Lesbian Happy

If chain smoking and denouncing your physical beauty doesn't buy you the loathing of your parents you're still seeking at twenty-five, there's always the conveniently unattractive French dyke girlfriend. Classic go-to. Stewart and the French singer Soko have been seen locking lesbian pinky rings in Paris. if your name was Stephanie Sokolinski, you'd go by Soko too. Kristen Stewart's been eaten out by a more

Bella Goes To Venice And Shit Around The Web

Kristen Stewart pained herself to dress up and almost force a smile for the Venice Film Festival. People in Europe get spoiled emo better than we do here in the U.S. Embrace Angry Bella, Italy. Embrace her and keep her. Behold the sexually fluid actress in all her glory. (Popoholic) Jackie Moore gives us a peek in "Student Bodies". (Egotastic All-Stars) Tyga leased that Lambo for Kylie in HER name. I guess his more

Why Is Kristen Stewart A Thing And Shit Around The Web

Every women's magazine ever has labeled Kristen Stewart as a beauty icon with model looks. Is this some kind of conspiracy among the horse faced editors of these magazines to make men question their own judgement. This needs investigating. Judge for yourself. (Popoholic) Summer St. Claire is hot and topless in pink lingerie. (Egotastic All-Stars) Can you identify the Kardashian by her ass? (TMZ) These pics of more

Kristen Stewart Is a Survivor

When you start with the premise that being super famous and having people leer at you in your local hipster coffee house is akin to the Holocaust, Kristen Stewart has had a lot to overcome. To promote her new movie, Kristen Stewart agreed to meet with some reporter chick from Nylon magazine who usesexaggerated metaphors to comparetwo hours with Kristen Stewart in a curio stores in Echo Park to going up the river more

Kristen Stewart's Mom Denies She Confirmed Her Daughter Is Now Gay Like Everyone Else

Kristen Stewart's mom and some reporter at the Mirror in England are having a back and forth over whether or not mom confirmed her daughter is fucking her butchfemale personal assistant. Despite making no official announcements, Kristen and Alica Cargile have been wearing matching black jeans and flannels while shopping in indie book stores and eating vegan nut cakes for months now. If they shoved three fingers more

Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile Memorial Day Hugs

Kristen Stewart and not her girlfriend spent Memorial Day re-imagining Indigo Girls songs in a post-Ellen world while denying there's such a thing as lesbian breath. Kristen has been outspoken of late on the sexism that runs unchecked through Hollywood. The institutionalized bias explains why despite being an unpleasant chain smoking grinch whose primary form of communication is grunts and audible sharts, Stewart' more

Kristen Stewart Wants To Help

Kristen Stewart is the latest crazy successful Hollywood actress to decry sexism in Hollywood. Women have to work twice as hard as men do and for half the pay. This could mean only $20,000 an hour for your work. There are very few dramatic roles for women available each year in movies. Of course, Stewart is taking most of them. If you complain, she'll finger fuck your daughter.Sexism is just that complicated. more

Kristen Stewart Still Fucking Unhappy And Shit Around The Web

Kristen Stewart hates being famous. Besides the money and the influence and the sweet shit and the ability to fuck the man or woman of her choosing depending on her whim, this celebrity shit sucks. She misses The Gap. Kristen whines like a champ, it's worth reading to hate. (Dlisted) Camille Rowe in a bikini by a pool. That is all. (Egotastic) Interpol is after Justin Bieber like Carmen Sandiego. (TMZ) Penelope more

Kristen Stewart Secretly Gay Married! Fuck, Wait, I Don't Care

A gossip site which seems to use a random word generator to develop shocking headlines, claims that Kristen Stewart and her two knuckle honey bunny Alicia Cargile, were secretly married. They also claim that her relationship with Robert Pattinson was pure public relations stunt, that Stewart's always favored girls, and that she can flip pancakes with just a spatula and her vagina muscles. The marriage would be more

Kristen Stewart Back To Looking Manly

There were a couple weeks there in February where Kristen Stewart had to doll up and put on a dress for awards shows and premiere appearances. Her butch credentials were already being questioned back at HQ deep beneath Ellen's Montecito humidor. Stewart's already boned several boyfriends and ruined a Hollywood marriage over dick lust. Don't think there isn't suspicion in the ranks. You're not being paranoid, more