Kylie Jenner Bikini Birthday Bash And Shit Around The Web

Kylie Jenner has a bikini beach party with all her hottie friends. She doesn't have friends so much as her sister and some other celebrity kids who also share their tits and ass for money. So better than friends. read more

Kylie Jenner Birthday Gifts

Kylie Jenner turned nineteen. She colored her hair red, tied it up in cornrows, and let her unemployed black boyfriend sodomize her while chatting up his baby mama to mark the occasion. read more

Tyga America's Most Wanted

Tyga is a real piece of shit. Exhibit A he's from LA and is wearing a Red Sox hat. read more

Kylie Jenner Fucking, But Not With Child

InTouch Weekly has reported Kylie Jenner as pregnant around seven times. Either they don't know where abortions come from or they're just making up shit to sell copies. This is precisely the kind of sexist horror Jennifer Aniston bemoaned while kicking her cat's... read more

Kylie Jenner And Tyga Resume AIDS Exchange

Tyga is done fucking his latest human trafficking victim and is reportedly back on with Kylie Jenner, who according to TMZ is was going to buy him a Bentley since his was recently repossessed. Apparently this Beverly Hillbillies charade is going to drag on for several... read more

Kylie Jenner Nipple Barking

If Kim Jong-un got caught taking a leak next to his car outside the football stadium you'd probably be able to put it in context of his larger crimes. Nobody is accused of genocide and public urination in the same damning sentence. read more

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Model Bikinis

You can stew over the fact that a couple uneducated teens have lapped you in capitalism, or you can contrive a real estate scam to swindle it all from them. read more

Kylie Jenner's Boobs Have Legs

They don't have a school for learning how to be a sublime sex toy. Though if they did, Kylie Jenner would've dropped out of it by now. The slightly sentient plastic cobbled Jenner has been told since very little that this was her destiny. Like Skywalker. You can run from... read more

Kylie Jenner Slowly Killing Herself

Doctors warn that cinching your waste up like this can damage your internal organs but so can performing double penetration at age 14 with the Death Row entourage. Kylie Jenner posted a bunch of photos of her waste training regimen which entails compressing your body in... read more

Battle Gunt Sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

The Kardashians may be the first set of public figures who can receive a gynecological exam on the fly. Super tight stretch pants yanked up over artificially inflated fuck areas provide a view of the pubis formerly the realm of obese homeless in cut off sweat pants.... read more

Kardashians In Disguise On Hollywood Tour

Three of the Kardashian sisters got made up in prosthetics so they'd be fat and ugly on the outside too and hopped on a Hollywood open top tour bus for a lark. Nobody recognized them. Isn't that crazy? They filmed the bit for their show mocking Middle Americans on those... read more

Kylie Jenner Buries the Hatchet

While the world is making war, Kylie Jenner has decided to make peace with her suicidally fat half-brother Rob Kardashian for fucking the baby mama of her current boyfriend. Never saw that on Peyton Place. Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna routinely engaged in whore battles on... read more