Madonna Transatlantic Baby Trade and Johnny Depp's $30K a Month Wine Tab on Last Men on Earth Podcast #76

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast Matt and I profoundly discuss the ramifications of a nationwide Woman Strike, how Lady Gaga came to invent her own body shaming and nobody cares, why Budweiser isn't actually the beer of the tolerant pacifists, how Johnny Depp can... read more

Lady Gaga Battles Body Shamers She Insists Attacked Her

A year ago a female celebrity had to pluck out one or two negative comments about their bodies on Twitter from the tens of thousands of positive respondents in order to build a sweeping body shaming class action case. In 2017, simply claim you were on the cruel end of... read more

Lady Gaga Ungagged

The NFL picks their Super Bowl halftime musical act by assessing what guys who watch football have absolutely no interest in watching. It's a blatant play to keep female and kiddy household members at the TV screen when everybody else runs off to take a shit and re-fill... read more

Lady Gaga Rape Challenged and Pitbull Florida Perfect in the Last Men on Earth Podcast #70

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt cries rape and nobody cares, Pitbull discloses he's Florida's paid bitch, Julia Ioffe receives you-go-girl's for her Ivanka Trump incest jokes, women who don't want kids are blaming an ailing Gaia, Baywatch bitching returns,... read more

Piers Morgan Shames Lady Gaga

Piers Morgan is a shitty tabloid fuck boy yet even he is skeptical about Lady Gaga and Madonna's claims that they were raped. So are many other people, you're just not supposed to say that. They can't prove it and you certainly can't prove it didn't happen. read more

Lady Gaga Praises Madonna

Madonna won Woman of the Year at the Billboard Women In Music Awards. Not Female Artist of the Year. The greatest living woman. This is curious since she's obviously solidly below average on many levels. First of all, the best woman in the world isn't annoying as shit,... read more

Lady Gaga Compensating For Something

There's an inverse relationship between how ostentatious someone's outfit is and how interesting they are or good their music is. That would put Lady Gaga in the category of campaigning for Hillary Clinton because she's a real policy wonk. She's dressed kind of like a... read more

Lady Gaga Commitment (VIDEO)

One label you can't lay on Lady Gaga is lazy. She promotes the ever living shit out of her albums. read more

Lady Gaga Riding High

Lady Gaga is riding high on a positively reviewed new album, Joanne. Also, she lost weight so she can do the mostly naked thing in public again. She was formerly relying on the unsupported belief that fishnet deftly disguises chub. read more

Lady Gaga Ain't No Fucking Madonna

If you work in Accounting, nobody ever peppers you with how your work is reminiscent of Fred, our former Payables clerk. Musicians are forced to listen to reporters and critics compare them to artists that came before them. It's invariably something overly obvious. Then... read more

Lady Gaga Flop Top in Manhattan

It's legal to walk topless in New York thanks to the leg work of so many pudgy feminists falling for an obvious ruse set up by men. And it was so easy. read more

Lady Gaga Presents Tits At Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday

Ninety seems right about the age when you could give a shit about a woman's looks and stare at the bare titties she's showing off through her dress. All other ages work equally as well. read more