Lady Gaga Compensating For Something

There's an inverse relationship between how ostentatious someone's outfit is and how interesting they are or good their music is. That would put Lady Gaga in the category of campaigning for Hillary Clinton because she's a real policy wonk. She's dressed kind of like a... read more

Lady Gaga Commitment (VIDEO)

One label you can't lay on Lady Gaga is lazy. She promotes the ever living shit out of her albums. read more

Lady Gaga Riding High

Lady Gaga is riding high on a positively reviewed new album, Joanne. Also, she lost weight so she can do the mostly naked thing in public again. She was formerly relying on the unsupported belief that fishnet deftly disguises chub. read more

Lady Gaga Ain't No Fucking Madonna

If you work in Accounting, nobody ever peppers you with how your work is reminiscent of Fred, our former Payables clerk. Musicians are forced to listen to reporters and critics compare them to artists that came before them. It's invariably something overly obvious. Then... read more

Lady Gaga Flop Top in Manhattan

It's legal to walk topless in New York thanks to the leg work of so many pudgy feminists falling for an obvious ruse set up by men. And it was so easy. read more

Lady Gaga Presents Tits At Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday

Ninety seems right about the age when you could give a shit about a woman's looks and stare at the bare titties she's showing off through her dress. All other ages work equally as well. read more

The New Lady Gaga Album Is Almost Here

You've got to feel a little bit like Pee Wee from Porky's when the hookers are on the way when you hear tell of the next Lady Gaga album dropping soonish. Forget the amazing music rebuilt from the last amazing music. It's all about the influences and themes and... read more

Lady Gaga Ass Cheek And Shit Around The Web

Lady Gaga shows off butt cleavage and underboob. If the word "side" or "under" or 'malfunction" isn't mentioned in relationship to Lady Gaga, be forewarned, you might catch her singing. read more

Lady Gaga Sheer Showoff And Shit Around The Web

Lady Gaga wears a sheer shirt and no bra. She needs attention. The kind only a man or potentially a broomstick with a fake mustache attached could provide. read more

Lady Gaga Always Working

Lady Gaga has been showing off her tits rather obviously since breaking it off with her fiancé who probably never really intended to marry her. It's somewhere in that moment when she asks you why you always fuck her from behind that you need to start acting like a... read more

Lady Gaga Tits Cry For Attention And Shit Around The Web

Lady Gaga tries to stay relevant by showing off her tits. It's not the worst idea. Ass would be the worst. It's not like she's not self-aware. read more

Lady Gaga Back on the Market

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga broke off their engagement after Kinney realized how much he looked like Leonardo DiCaprio and noticed how his girlfriend didn't look like Leo's did. The couple had been together for five years. That's a lot of time to spend with a chick... read more