Laura Prepon Has Outside Help

Laura Prepon credits her profound acting performances on Orange is the New Black to a stepped up commitment to playing with electrified Lego sets at the Scientology center. It's possible her premise is false. As well as her conclusion. She just seems so damn happy with... read more

The 2014 Critics' Choice Television Awards Occurred

Texting girls get to pick out the winners in the People's Choice Awards. Old people with oblong goiters vote on the Academy Awards. Foreigners with sexual assault charges pending in Moldova get to select the Golden Globes. The TV Critics Choice Awards is the one chance... read more

Laura Prepon Naked on a Horse

Laura Prepon appears in this month's People magazine riding backwards naked on a horse. Some will see this as People magazine trying desperately to be provocative and failing. But those in the know can spot this Scientology signal from a mile away. This is like when you... read more

Laura Prepon Snags Tom Cruise

When you're dating Scientology, there's no bigger catch than Tom Cruise. Forget the mock turtlenecks, the three divorces and the curiously produced offspring, Tom is the MVP of the descendants of Xenu and his intergalactic space armada. It's like being the groupie chosen... read more

Laura Prepon Leaving 'Orange Is The New Black'

Laura Prepon announced she will not be coming back for the second season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Everybody is coming up with their own fake public reasons why this is disappointing when mostly they're just upset over not seeing her boobs again(NSFW). That... read more