Lea Michele Nude Body Honoring the Fallen

Lea Michele honored the third anniversary of driving Dead Cory Monteith to his death by flashing her bare body in Women's Health magazine with a tattoo of his Glee character name 'Finn' on the side of her ass. It's times like these you remember why they invented more... read more

Coachella Concedes

It's hard to state the exact moment at which an annual countercultural event sells out. It's usually a process. Inevitably marked by Paris Hilton showing up in expensive clothes made to look vintage. Coachella was a music thing until somebody realized it could be a... read more

Male Escort Dumps Lea Michele

http://www.eonline.com/news/742202/lea-michele-got-no-reason-or-explanation-for-split-with-matthew-paetz-what-went-wrong Lea Michele is refusing questions as to why her boyfriend and former male hooker Matthew Paetz stone cold ditched her after two years of dating. It's... read more

Lea Michele's Dead Boyfriend Would've Loved Her Current Boyfriend

You may recall two years ago when Dead Cory Monteith checked into a Canadian hotel which is both a literal account of his overdose death and now a handy euphemism. Lea Michele turned his passing into a series of weeping magazine pictorials, a pop dance album, and a small... read more

Lea Michele Plunging Dress

Don't say Lea Michele isn't self-aware. Enough to bring her tits out on super display this past week to promote her Scream Queens show. It was that or more poetry requiems to Dead Cory Monteith and gushing in an effusive octave higher than the adult human ear can... read more

Lea Michele Violates the Sanctity of the Hashtag

You just knew there'd come a day when ambiguously inspiring hashtags would become corrupted in the name of big business. Not so long ago you could trust that anyone of the ten thousand new socially or politicallyrousinghashtags created each week really meant something.... read more

All The Big Names in Haggery Came Out for Parental Equality

If there's anybody who can speak to the need for gay parents, it's a coven of surgically altered witches who've fucked up their kids with booze and pills and divorce and a haunting desire for fame. They ought to spell themselves back in time and hand over their newborns... read more

Lea Michele Looks Inward To Selfie

Lea Michele posts an awful lot of photos of herself doing yoga. Michele sees the ancient eastern practice as a way to clear one's head and achieve inner enlightenment. At which point you definitely need to show everyone in the world how great your abs look. Your... read more

Lea Michele Knows When to Show Them

Lea Michele is making a habit out of showing up to other people's premieres and showing off her tits. They're not particularly large, though I'm sure they're as perfect as her professional male escort boyfriend reminds her as he drags her Amex card through his iPhone... read more

Lea Michele Coming Out Party

Even though Lea Michele hasn't show a particular skill at the acting craft, she's famous enough that she got a guest starring role on the final season of Sons of Anarchy. I watch Sons of Anarchy because I like to see people of all races and colors being gunned down on... read more

Lea Michele Lends Her Talents to Sons of Anarchy

If you need something dead, Lea Michele is your go-to girl. The Glee star took a break from mounting her male hooker on top of Dead Cory Monteith's memory to film a scene for the final season of Sons of Anarchy. Lea will play Gertie, a truck stop waitress and struggling... read more

Lea Michele Posts Bikini Photos from Her Happy Hooker Vacation

Lea Michele continues to honor the one year anniversary of Dead Cory Monteith by boning the living shit out of her male escort boyfriend. Nobody blames Lea for finding comfort in the bulging biceps of a hunky prostitute. Who hasn't? You can't dwell forever on the list of... read more