Lena Dunham Merely Looks Pregnant

Confucius probably said something about the zoo with no cages soon being empty. Now that social media has allowed unsolicited opinions to flow freely, the landscape of opinionated mother-in-laws has grown nearly infinite. read more

Lena Dunham Doesn't Need More Candy

Lena Dunham went off the board for her halloween costume and picked something mocking Donald Trump. She donned a "grabbed pussy" costume then spent four hours figuring out which angle and girdle made her look less fat, to honor the natural woman. read more

Lena Dunham, Intuitive Ass Munch

Lena Dunham has many magical powers. The preeminent is living high on the hog thanks to her fan base in approximately five of the nations 43,000 zip codes. She's Larry the Cable Guy. Different zip codes naturally. read more

Lena Dunham, Lingerie Model

In a sign that our world is going Krypton, Lena Dunham and her Girls co-star Jemima Kirke are being paid to model lingerie. It's being labeled a Body Positive Lingerie Campaign because everything horrible has a constructive name. The Final Solution. What are you solving?... read more

Lena Dunham Leaving If Hillary Doesn't Take Over

Lena Dunham known for her fierce feminism and the constant smell of wet woodland mammal that follows her like a Pig-Pen dirt cloud is ditching the United State if Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in November. Unlike previous celebrities who have said unlike previous... read more

Lena Dunham Gets A Ring

Lena Dunham has a boyfriend. All you girls feeling sorry for yourselves for being single should feel even sorrier. Dunham's boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff, put a ring on it. It being Dunham's sausage finger. Stay calm. It's not an engagement ring. He should be so... read more

Dunham Stumps for Hillary

Lena Dunham has committed to consuming nothing but partially hydrogenated oils and barn owl hatchlings until Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the first female President. Lena and her cult like following of Upper West Side feminists and the HBO executives scared shitless of... read more

Lena Dunham Fat Girl Gatekeeper

Lena Dunham is obsessed with her own every bowel movement. Filled with corn niblets and license plates as it is. You can'tpretend her narcissism is method acting anymore. Even Daniel Day Lewis doesn't stay in character forfive years. Dunhaminjected herself into the Amy... read more

Lena Dunham Lives

Lena Dunham announced that she's going to make a full recoveryfollowing ovarian cyst surgery. Reaction was mixed.Doctors went through her abdomen because there weren't straws short enough to draw forvaginal insertion duty. Every fifth Facebook Like to Dunham's surgery... read more

Lena Dunham Twisting Into A Knot

In the wake of another post-production hit job, doughy Lena Dunham has sworn off all manipulation of her likeness saying, "I want to be able to pick my own thigh out of a lineup." That makesher the only one. The reason magazines put her on the cover is because they know... read more

Dunham Cries Photoshop

Lena Dunham has accused a Spanishmagazine of heavily Photoshopping the picture of her on their cover. Dunham wrote on Instagram, "...this is NOT what my body has ever looked like or will ever look like- the magazine has done more than the average photoshop. So if you're... read more

Lena Dunham Digs for Clinton

Lena Dunham is Hillary Clinton's biggest fan. It's like being endorsed by Satan. Or Satan's more annoying fat sister who used to diddle Satan's younger sister when she was in kindergarten then wrote a book about it laudedby wealthy asexual women with scaly skin. Dunham... read more