Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls And Lily Aldridge Nude Hug

In a more efficient world, the entirety of marketing departments would be replaced by one chunky dude in sandals who says, how about naked girls? It would suck for people who graduated with dubious majors into jobs with dubious achievement standards, but McDonald's pays fifteen an hour now and Hillary Clinton is willing to erase the college debt of any chick who signs a pledge not to fuck her husband. These three...

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Victoria's Secret Intends to Win the Super Bowl

People who say the commercials are the best part about the Super Bowl have never seen Katy Perry sing over a pre-recorded track to staged multicultural fans screaming their heads off. Until they allow tits on network television, the game itself will always be better. You can't beat football with not football and not tits. Victoria's Secret is going to try with a lingerie ad. It'll tempt millions of men to buy more

Lily Aldridge Poses In Lingerie For Esquire Mexico

Photo Credit: Esquire Mexico [gallery id="2787"]

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Victoria's Secret Models Sell Better Without Lingerie

As much as it will cost a small Asian village a week of textile wages, a few child starvations are the price of seeing a bunch of Victoria's Secret models without their lingerie. Underwear is but a contrivance of a polite society. An artificial waste of time that I would insist only apply to the male population were I the handsomest President ever. Jesus weeps when nice tits are covered. I'm pretty sure that's more

Victoria's Secret Models and Kendall Jenner Get Naked

Russell James is one of those rare dudes fortunate enough to earn a living by photographing naked models. He's sort of like Terry Richardson except he knows how to use a camera and you won't flee his studio with the imprint of his cock on your cheek. James' new book 'Angels' features a bunch of topless Victoria's Secret Angels for those sophisticates who like to feature naked lingerie models on their coffee table....

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Lily Aldridge Poses In Bikinis For The July 2014 Issue Of Glamour Paris

Photo Credit: Glamour Paris [gallery id="3592"]

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Lily Aldridge Shows Side Boob At A Photo Shoot In Miami Beach

Photo Credit: [gallery id="3900"]

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Continue To Have The Roughest Lives

Continuing their ongoing month of celebration for the fact that they've remained relevant in the face of several decades of internet pornography, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models competed in a volleyball tournament against some other celebrities over the weekend at the Food Network South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Most notably, Jamie Foxx was there to remind everyone that he once won an Oscar, and...

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Models Attend Sports Illustrated Party In Miami

Photo Credit: Instagram [gallery ids="1731583,1731584,1731585,1731586,1731587,1731588,1731589,1731592,1731591,1731590"]

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Three Asses, Six Tits, One SI Cover

Sports Illustrated has done it this time. The once heralded leader in sports news coverage has gone and put not one, but three models on the cover of their 50th anniversary edition. When you consider the exponential work involved in Photoshopping not one, but three models in the same photo, you'll understand that some underpaid pale dudes in a dark New York studio have some carpal tunnel flaring up fierce today. I'm...

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Fighting AIDS Has Never Been Sexier

Whoever is in charge of organizing the guest list for the annual amfAR Gala has the best and easiest job in the world, because the lead-in to Fashion Week guarantees that just about any Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated model that matters will show up. In turn, old rich guys are bound to spend tons of money for the best seats in the house, all in the name of AIDS research, but with the actual intention more

The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Went Just About As Expected

If you were somehow able to wager that the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City last night would feature some very attractive women walking around in expensive lingerie, random outfits nobody will ever see again and gigantic wings, then you're probably a wealthier man this morning. Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel and...

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Lily Aldridge Poses In Lingerie For The November Issue Of Esquire

Photo Credit: Esquire [gallery ids="1613662,1613672,1613682,1613692,1613702,1613712,1613722"]

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Lily Aldridge And Lindsay Ellingson Want You To Buy Sports Bras

When it comes to Victoria's Secret models, people don't talk about Lindsay Ellingson (left) and Lily Aldridge a lot, because they're not approaching billionaire status like Gisele Bundchen and they're not sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio. That we know of. But Lindsay and Lily showed off why they deserve to be a little more famous yesterday, when they helped introduce the new Victoria's Secret World's Best Sports Bra in...

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Victoria's Secret Angels At The Lourve

Ask people who've been to a museum how they liked it. They always say they loved it. Ask them what they loved about it, the always mention some exhibit. Then ask them what they loved about the exhibit, they always say it was amazing. In short, they're all lying. Now, takes some good looking models in lingerie on top of the Louvre and ask guys who saw them what they thought. They'll say something like, 'Alessandra...

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