Madonna Transatlantic Baby Trade and Johnny Depp's $30K a Month Wine Tab on Last Men on Earth Podcast #76

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast Matt and I profoundly discuss the ramifications of a nationwide Woman Strike, how Lady Gaga came to invent her own body shaming and nobody cares, why Budweiser isn't actually the beer of the tolerant pacifists, how Johnny Depp can... read more

Madonna Nabs Two More African Kids for Her Collection

As Madonna's older kids are reaching teen years and disavowing her for being horrible and self-serving, she's replacing them with African toddlers who know their place.Is Mompegginggay Moroccan dancers half her age? Like I care. Last week I was eating bugs andfloating... read more

You Misunderstood Madonna, This One's on You

It's unlikely Madonna believes the bulk of her simpleton political rhetoric. Everything Madonna does is some offshoot of a mission statement to remain socially relevant to younger people who are less discerning in their musical tastes. read more

Madonna Loses It At Women's Rights March (VIDEO)

There are probably a decent amount of men and women who voted for Trump to piss off annoying self-righteous assholes like Madonna. In fact, 40 percent of women who voted cast their ballot for Trump. Casting a ballot seems much more important than simply voting in your... read more

Lady Gaga Praises Madonna

Madonna won Woman of the Year at the Billboard Women In Music Awards. Not Female Artist of the Year. The greatest living woman. This is curious since she's obviously solidly below average on many levels. First of all, the best woman in the world isn't annoying as shit,... read more

Madonna Handcuffed By Sean Penn For Charity

Madonna's eleven year old son is from Malawi. Being the daughter of Madonna has got to be a step up, but just barely. The villagers back home never used to masturbate with a mustard bottle on the hammock. read more

Madonna's New Ass Seems a Tad Bulky (VIDEO)

Malawi is a special place for Madonna. It's the impoverished African nation where she's purchased between three and seven of her adopted children. You can never get those shiny beads back. read more

Rocco Ritchie Doesn't Share Mom's Affections

It was only a week ago that Madonna made her feelings clear in various celebrity magazines about her unconditional love and support for her teen son Rocco. This after Rocco fled to the U.K. to live with his by-comparison superior parent and smoke a little weed. read more

Madonna Squeezing in Time to Have Her Son's Back

Madonna issued a statement through People magazine that she loves her teen son and will stand by him through his upcoming drug trial. Not a trial so much as having to pay a fine for minor possession of marijuana read more

Run, Don't Walk, from Madonna Snatch

Having Madonna imply on social media that she's fucking you hasn't been cool since twenty years before social media. You can't blame the old crone for non-stop self promotion into her carved up golden years. Still, you're going to want to get out of the way of the... read more

Madonna Offers to Swallow Hillary Voters (VIDEO)

The amount of irony involved in Madonna stepping up to the microphone at an Amy Schumer comedy concert and offering blow jobs to audience members in exchange for voting for Hillary Clinton is difficult to count. But let's start with the first three. read more

Madonna Voting Naked for Hillary

Hillary Clinton's campaign is pushing two fronts. Female celebrities getting naked to encourage voting and essays by apologetic men in HuffPo and similarly leaning publications about how people who dislike Hillary only do so because she's a woman. read more