Maggie Q No Shoes No Bra No Problem

There is no modesty left in Hollywood. There was a tiny bit for a while but it proved to mostly be a bunch of bullshit once TMZ started buying stories from maids and JuCo hackers. Women have stopped wearing bras. Not just protesting teens. Chicks in their 30's and 40's.... read more

Maggie Q Forgot Her Panties

I'm not certain the world needs another teen heartthrobs Hunger Games type book series for kids too illiterate to read real science fiction. Any time a story synopsis leads with 'Set in a dystopian future...' it's going to be sucky and derivative and the film version... read more

Jennifer Lopez has officially quit 'American Idol'

Everyone got the gist of this one from the headline, right? Thank God. Now here's Maggie Q at Comic-Con yesterday. THIS CHICK IS UNDERRATED! She should have been the new Catwoman instead of giant headed Anne Hathaway. Catwoman should be lithe. Anne Hathaway is clunky. I... read more

'Nikita' is a really good show

Maggie Q (the "Q" is short for "Quigley" btw. She's Irish, Polish and Vietnamese) was in New York yesterday for the CW upfront to promote 'Nikita', and she looked a million times better than she did a few weeks ago. And by that I mean she was nice and skinny and her ass... read more

Maggie Q is disappointing

I hope Maggie Q sees this, because I shan't be masturbating to 'Nikita' anymore, not after these pictures of her going for a walk in her neighborhood today with no makeup. TV gave me the impression she was naturally perfect, but they played me for a fool. It was all a... read more

afternoon headlines

JENNIFER ANISTON - was promoting her latest bomb 'the Switch' on 'Regis and Kelly' this morning when she said, "Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard!" And now a pro-retard group is calling her comment, "extraordinarily offensive and inappropriate."... read more


MAYA RUDOLPH IS NOT RETURNING TO SNL - I have no idea who that is and I have no intention of looking up who that is.  In fact, if you had asked me 30 seconds ago, I would have signed a sworn deposition that SNL went off the air in 1982.JOHN MCTIERNAN IS GOING TO JAIL -... read more


Bruce Willis made the first "Die Hard" movie when he was 32.  Now hes 52, and says that filming the action for "Die Hard 4.0" was incredibly hard.  Hell, he even gets his ass kicked by a girl, played by the super hot Maggie Q.  Willis says: "It was a really hard film to... read more