Mariah Carey Struggles Too With Revenge

Success is the best revenge. Some guy said that. Ex-girlfriends understand that fucking your best friend remains the unmatched vengeance play. The superior plotters will do so while wearing your shirts they refuse to return. read more

Mariah Carey Wants Her Fair Share

Mariah Carey is seeking revenge on her ex-fiance the best way possible, inflating her breasts and cinching her waist until her duodenom becomes clogged with last night's Pepperidge Farm binge. read more

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Divorce

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have finalized their divorce, which is a polite thing to do if you're trying to get fifty million bucks out of another guy you weren't fucking. Carey reported making over twice as much money as Cannon, yet he is the only one who has to put... read more

Mariah Carey Casing Holding Tight

Whoever the fuck is packaging Mariah Carey into those undesized costumes deserves some kind of Tony Award or whatever they hand out for structural engineering breakthroughs. read more

Mariah Carey Worth Six Million Per Year

Mariah Carey's rejected prenup from James Packer seems increasingly devoid of humanity. It appears she was attempting to lease out her rejuvenated vagina and he's basically Lex Luther. read more

Mariah Carey Back To The Grind (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey is avoiding the depression of her engagement break by funneling her energy back into her work. Largely pretending her pipes are still functioning behind that massive wall of complicated chest procedures. read more

Mariah Carey Striking Back (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey is serving up the best kind of revenge on her recent ex-fiancé. The kind where you pretend you're having a fling with your young male backup dancer. read more

Mariah Carey Demanding Money

This Mariah Carey thing is really complicated. First off her tits cause her to have to crawl off the ceiling of the airplane when it reaches cruising altitude. read more

Mariah Carey Won't Fuck Before Marriage

Mariah Carey is quietly one of the worst people alive, so of course she wants a reality show. If it included a Myth Busters segment on whether or not she's been injecting stuffed crust pizza filling into her tits I would definitely watch it. read more

Mariah Wants Fifty Mill to Go Away

If there's one thing Mariah Carey doesn't need in life, it's more money. By all accounts, she's flat loaded, somewhere in the half-billion range. Nevertheless, she's punishing her now ex-fiancee James Packer by pushing the idea he owes her fifty million. read more

Mariah Carey Dumped By Billionaire Boyfriend

Inherited billionaire James Packer has dumped fiancee Mariah Carey for several reasons. Mostly he realized he could fuck way hotter chicks who are way less annoying, although he reportedly has a fetish for extremely bloated tits that look like she has an ass on her chest... read more

Mariah Carey And Her Twins

Stepping back from the modern media reality we all accept as normal, it's kind of odd that a 46-year old mom prepping for her next marriage would be widely circulating personal titty shots. read more