Meg Ryan Face Is a Thing

Meg Ryan shocked viewers at the Tony Awards with her startling new appearance. A girl has a new face. Though not particularly shocking. It's like seeing a Motocross rider in a cast. It's not that abstract. read more

Meg Ryan is going crazy

At first it seems like Meg Ryan is crying in these pictures, but then things get really uncomfortable when you realize she's not. She's just walking around New York today making a bunch of dumb faces. Is she telling a sad story? Did she taste something bitter? Or take... read more

meg ryan is gettin me all hot

At some point a plastic surgeon put a duck bill on Meg Ryans face for some reason, I guess as a prank or something, and maybe that's why she won't get implants to firm up her tits so they don't sag down parallel to her elbows. That's understandable. But why no bra? She... read more


A lot of people think that, just because you’re 50 and your tits sag down to you waist, you should wear a bra, or own a bra, of have heard of a bra.  But not Meg Ryan.  No, she rejects that theory out of hand.  "That’s just an old wives tale", Meg would probably say. ... read more


Meg Ryan is attending the opening night of the Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi today, and holy god what has Meg done to herself.  She used to be adorable, just like three years ago.  And it’s not like she just fell apart.  From the neck down she still... read more