Guess That Celebrity

The fact that so many female celebrities, Mickey Rourke included, end up morphing into the same woman when they hit a certain age makes me a little sad. But I have a feeling that once we see the freshman class of plastic surgery victims hit middle-age, including Kim... read more

Melanie Griffith Pre-Cogging Trolls

Melanie Griffith isn't getting older, she's getting wiser. Wise enough to head off trolls calling her an overworked plasticine mummy face before it even happens. Griffith has grown weary of the constant negative comments about her frozen looks so she's countered by... read more

Melanie Griffith Is Ready to Date Again

Nothing says I'm AARP and DTF quite like wearing a sheer short dress at a vegan smoothie stand in L.A with your former husband's name tattoo under a bandage on your arm. Melanie Griffith has it just right. Securing her fourth model husband won't be a simple task. Plastic... read more

Melanie Griffith Rethinks Her 'Antonio' Tattoo

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith simply grew apart after one of the longest not-gay cover marriages in Hollywood. There were rumors that the couple broke up over Antonio having an affair with hot Indian actress Mallika Sherawat, but Mallika adamantly denies any... read more

Melanie Griffith Doesn't Give A Fuck

Most restaurants in major cities have either banned smoking or hired someone to blast you in the face with a fire hose if you even think about lighting up in or around the property, but the staff at this restaurant in West Hollywood didn't seem to mind when Melanie... read more

melanie griffith has still got it

The cup Melanie Griffith is drinking from in these pictures must have been filled up at the Fountain of Youth because she hasn't aged a day! She looks exactly how I remember. I remember her lips going all the way across her face like Heath Ledgers Joker or Oscar the... read more

Farrah Fawcett has (passed away)

I naturally assume that everyone is still riding the high of LSU winning the College World Series last night, their sixth since 1991, so I'm sorry to drag everyone down, but late last night Farrah Fawcetts publicist made this statement: It was just related to me, that... read more

melanie griffith really is insane

Melanie Griffith was in Spain yesterday with her husband Antonio Banderas for Easter, and it may seem weird to watch a parade dressed like a wicked queen who poisons apples in a fable about talking mice and magic, but Melanie Griffith is dangerously crazy, so in that... read more


Melanie Griffith was photographed shopping in Malibu and looking like absolute hell.  Griffith is 49 but looks like she was just dug out of the ice.  The Daily Mail says:Looking painfully thin, she showed that even plastic surgeons can't do anything about her wrinkly... read more


Remember when Melanie Griffin was smoking hot? Yeah, me neither, but I do know she didn’t used to look like this.  It's a nice little reminder that time is slowly turning us all into monsters.  She looks like a burn victim wearing that makeup they wear, with their wig all... read more