Three of These Fashionistas Will Suck Your Dick Without Complaining

Women who are into fashion bore me. I'm not saying it's any worse than men who are really into sports. But it's certainly more expensive. I understand that basic human desire to look good to the opposite sex. But that's not really the point of fashion. If women asked men... read more

Oh, the excitement

Mean Suvari hit up Azure, the pool at Palazzo in Vegas, this weekend, and ... ooff.  I always forget how unsatisfying it is to look at girls who are this flat.  And I don't even know what she could do about it.  When you're this flat even implants aren't an option... read more

This is good enough

Mena Suvari is in Mexico this week with her tiny boyfriend, and I can't explain why but I hate that dude. I have no idea who he is but I guarantee he sucks. He acts real tough. Says, "be-lee dat" and thinks Entourage is a really good show. But if he was walking down this... read more


It's easy to see how Mena Suvari fell under the charms of this cool guy.  What a hunk.  The long outrageous shorts, the underwear sticking out the top, the big sunglasses and the ink up and down his arm. What a rugged individual he is, doing his own thing, no matter what... read more


Mena Suvari was nice enough to wear a thong to the beach in Miami this weekend, but if there’s a seamless way to combine today’s sexy photographs so it looks like Sarah Larson is biting Mena Suvaris ass, I haven’t found it.  Will laying a Kim Possible doll on a Jessica... read more


Mena Suvari shaved her head earlier this week, and god only knows what her pot addled mind was thinking, because it's not like this chick can't be hot when she wants too.  Look at her here and here and here.  That bitch was hot.  Now she looks like a robot from the... read more


I was gonna say that Mena Suvari has some pretty weird breasts, but then I realized her heads not that great either.  Or her stomach. Or hair. Or glasses.  So it would have been a miracle of modern science if this mess did have a nice rack.  It would be like if you saw a... read more