Sarah Joelle And Micaela Schaefer Topless Lingerie

Models are different in Germany. So is lingerie. It's all about precision. We'll have time for lacy details when we have a seaport. Can you wear it for nineteen days in combat without a rash. Not saying we're going to war, just in case. Your breasts are augmented with... read more

Micaela Schaefer Snatches 250

I'm going to keep showing pictures of naked German women until somebody at Interpol sends me a threatening letter. This chick likes to paint herself and get naked next to the Brandenburg Gate as a reminder that we could easily go back to tyranny and oppression the day we... read more

Micaela Schaefer Is Topless

It's not super unusual to see topless chicks being molested by guys in cheap bear suits in many corners of Berlin. It's some kind of living art that spread from unisex bathrooms in basement discotheques with impossibly loud music. It's the natural extension of the... read more

Micaela Schaefer In Lingerie At Her Book Signing In London

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery guid=803655] read more

Now Micaela Schaefer Is Naked For Love

Now that they're done pretending to promote Berlin's international film festival, Micaela Schaefer's sometimes-weirdly-shaped breasts are being used to promote Valentine's Day, as the model stood naked in front of the Brandenburg Gate all in the name of love. Showing her... read more

Oh Look, Micaela Schaefer Is Naked Again

Because nothing says "globally-celebrated and revered film festival" like a naked woman using only thin strips of celluloid to cover her tits and vagina, German model Micaela Schaefer decided to celebrate the beginning of Berlinale with a quick photo shoot. Was there a... read more

Micaela Schaefer Has Her Work Cut Out For Her

When I read that Micaela Schaefer (left) attended something called the Venus International Erotic Trade Fair Aftershowparty in Berlin over the weekend, my automatic reaction was: "Awesome, I bet she wore something that showed off her tits and legs." And I was absolutely... read more

Micaela Schaefer's Breasts Remind Us That Oktoberfest Is Almost Here

Oktoberfest begins on Saturday in Germany, which means we'll soon be reminded that German women with large breasts in short skirts are awesome, and fortunately model Micaela Schaefer got the jump on that yesterday at the Berlin Dungeon. This isn't as impressive as her... read more

Micaela Schaefer Paints Her Eggs for Easter

When we hate a girl who is dying for public adoration, we call her an attention whore. When a hot girl we likes pulls much of the same shit, we just watch and applaud and call her daring. I like German model Micaela Schaefer. She's daring. She likes to get butt naked in... read more

Micaela Schaefer made the 'Men in Black 3' premiere hot

Model and attention whore Micaela Schaefer went to the German premiere of ‘Men in Black 3' in Berlin last night wearing little more than a belt and video tape. Which covered like a belt and video tape. But everyone seemed to love it, even German Santa. No German Santa,... read more