Michelle Lewin Thong Signage

All the political talk about the scourge of Latin American immigration misses the not to be missed number of attractive young Hispanic women coming to the U.S. and desperate never to return. read more

Michelle Lewin in A Bikini

Is it acceptable that fitness trainers have so many contrived body parts? I consider it the height of the craft. Since when did we start labeling certain sciences as more decent than any others. The science of nutrition, the science of body building, and the science of... read more

Michelle Lewin's Thong Is A Thing Of Beauty And Shit Around The Web

Michelle Lewin may not be entirely made of human flesh, but whoever built her did one amazing job. Nobody bitches about a Ferrari being built in factory. Shut the fuck up and imagine she's your girlfriend. Michelle Lewin has an ass built for power. (Egotastic) Camille... read more

Michelle Lewin in a Bikini Top

The way they back this chick out of the Knight Rider big rig each weekend looking like she does is nothing short of technology remarkable. If I had one of these I'd dress her exactly like this and set her to auto-pilot and pretend she was my girlfriend. Roll forward,... read more

Michelle Lewin in A Thong

I don't care how many unattended kids suffocate under the rafts, I'd like to see twenty of these Venezuelan chicks with sub-muscular implants floating around my apartment community pool. It's perish in Caracas or come and tilt your thong toward the American sun and wait... read more

Michelle Lewin Gets Frisky In Thong Bikini By The Pool In Miami

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery guid=802700] read more

Michelle Lewin in a Thong

Like many other idiots, each Thanksgiving I feel compelled to visit relatives who live in as cold a fucking place as can support some level of human life. The ice age didn't just sweep over our tropical environs while we were sleeping on a Tuesday night. It took eons.... read more

Michelle Lewin in A Bikini

These international models slash fitness instructors slash dating nightclub owners with unnervingly bushy eyebrows girls are like walking works of art. Just look at this chick. What can't plastic surgery, lax customs laws, and six hours a day in the gym buy you to... read more

Michelle Lewin In A Thong Bikini

Forget what I said about that last girl, I want this girl. Big fake tits and ass muscles that could Jaws of Life crash victims right out of crumpled cars. I need a girl who will tell me what to do, who my friends are, and threaten me with the Frigidaire side by side high... read more

Michelle Lewin In A Thong Bikini

Michelle Lewin keeps her taint positioned eternally toward Orion's Belt, with Orion being the Latino pimp who smuggled her out of Venezuela and taught her how to spit polish her bare ass for the gringos. Everything Michelle does, from checking her text messages to... read more

Michelle Lewin In a Thong

The Islamic Fundamentalists and my mom may not agree with women shaking their bare asses in public, but who actually believes that a higher power would invent such an ass only to demand that it be covered. Reconcile your good books with basic truths. To create something... read more

Michelle Lewin Has a Powerful Thong

There's a fine line between a woman with a toned body and a woman with enough muscle to kick your ass when you ask her if her competitively slutty sister can come stay with you when she's next out of rehab. Michelle Lewin is right on that fine line. I'm not scared of... read more