Emily Ratajkowski Wants Attention and Shit Around the Web

Who’d you rather, streaming skin, and more! read more

Half-Hearted Jim Beam Boycott Cause Mila Kunis Kills Babies

A poorly organized hashtag, #BoycottJimBeam, got kicked around the intersection of people who supposedly love Jim Beam but hate abortion, decrying the bourbon maker's choice of spokeswomen for their Devil's Cut product.  read more

Mila Kunis Gifts Delivery Man Unwrapped Goods

Having a hot celebrity open the door topless as you deliver a package is it’s own porn genre and unicorn scenario in real life. But after the description of Mila’s on-purpose nip slip I retract wanting to get any glimpse at her areolae until further review.  read more

Mila Kunis Abortion Cut Up (VIDEO)

Nothing will change this world for the better so much as really rich celebrities recounting virtue signaling pranks during promotional rounds on the late night talk shows. read more

Emily Ratajkowski Cleavage for Days and Shit Around the Web

  Full moon selfies, streaming skin, and more! read more

Mila Kunis Doesn't Name Sexist Names

A new trend among female celebrities in this election year of I'm With Her is to relay their industry stories of sexism, sexual assault, and patriarchy. Whether recounting actual crimes, or merely cases of male misogyny rampant in the business, the common thread is also... read more

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Whatever

The inexplicably famous purveyors of awful shit Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis finally got married even though it was widely assumed they already are and people were waiting for them to get into a plane crash. Kunis dropped a nauseating quote which solidified the grey... read more

Mila Kunis Sued Over Chicken

A fledgling singer who was apparently friends with Mila Kunis while growing up in the Ukraine is suing her for five thousand dollars because Kunis stole her pet chicken when they were kids. Kristina Karo now claims she needs to a shrink because of the emotional trauma,... read more

Mila Kunis Happy With Tits

Mila Kunis went on Conan and recanted some amusing anecdotes about how women's tits become engorged with breast milk following pregnancy. Kunis is the first to notice this unusual phenomenon and has been fielding calls from scientists ever since. Turns out they do indeed... read more

Did Lacey Chabert Un-Fuck Her Way Out of Family Guy?

Lacey Chabert voiced the role of Meg Griffin the first season of Family Guy but left under unexplained circumstances. She was replaced by Mila Kunis who has helped entertain stoned high school freshmen ever since. Chabert claims she voluntarily left after the first... read more

Mila Kunis Exercises the Temple of Lord Douche

By my reckoning Mila Kunis has about four to six weeks left to get her problem 'fixed' by one of those special doctors in Eastern Europe. She can't possibly be considering bringing Son of Asswipe into this world. You don't want that legacy on your Wiki page. Rosemary... read more

Mila Kunis Keeping the Douchebaby

The two things keeping us from being one of those countries where Hollywood women buy babies is premium cable and birth control. You can thank HBO and the earnest folks at Planned Parenthood with their low carbon footprint Hoover-9000 for helping this country to be... read more