Miranda Kerr Accepts Gifts Graciously

Miranda Kerr is the latest celebrity forced to hand over wildly expensive gifts sent by Jho Low, one of the shady investors working with the Malaysian Prime Minister to funnel billions away from the nation's economic development fund. Low is the same guy who sent Picasso... read more

Karlie Kloss Jacket, No Shirt and Shit Around the Web

  Miranda Kerr laundering money, Ashley Haas’ avocados, and more! read more

Snapchat Worth $24 Billion, Bella Thorne Snaps Her Pierced Nips to Explain Why

Snapchat is how every Generation Z citizen of this nation will consume content. Or not. It's worth $24 billion dollars officially following it's Initial Public Offering today.  read more

Snapchat Losing Money So Fast It's Going to Be Rich

Snapchat is about to become the latest massive dollar tech IPO, meaning Evan Spiegel will be worth several billion dollars and Miranda Kerr finally will say aye to anal. This despite the fact that Snapchat lost $515 million in 2016, beating out the $372 million it lost in... read more

Miranda Kerr's Violent Stalker A Hunk

The guy who jumped Miranda Kerr's fence holding a love letter and then stabbed her security guard in the eye is apparently a real casanova. Who knows, she might still fall in love with him read more

Miranda Kerr Naked

Miranda Kerr is fully naked. This is no way should be construed to mean her career isn't going well since she divorced both Orlando Bloom and Victoria's Secret, both for being kind of randy and bisexual. read more

Miranda Kerr Bikini Goodness And Shit Around The Web

Miranda Kerr angrily quit Victoria's Secret and people told her she'd never work again. Close. Don't bite the hand that feeds you when that hand runs the bulk of the sweatshops in Southeast Asia. read more

Coachella Concedes

It's hard to state the exact moment at which an annual countercultural event sells out. It's usually a process. Inevitably marked by Paris Hilton showing up in expensive clothes made to look vintage. Coachella was a music thing until somebody realized it could be a... read more

Miranda Kerr Seems Like a Good Planner

Miranda Kerr has been dating the rich kid who invented Snapchat and became a shit ton richer. Evan Spiegel's twenty-five and already plowed his way through a few models and a half-dozen first dates with Taylor Swift. Billionaires are the new millionaires. All the girls... read more

Miranda Kerr Seems Flexible

Miranda Kerr has that weird face that works if you're a model because you're instantly unique among the assembly line of similar looking female perfect faces. If she worked in IT at Verizon, she'd be called duck face behind her back even though technically hotter than... read more

Miranda Kerr Plunging Dress Because Why Pay Ten Grand to Cover Your Tits

Cannes is that jackass dude with tons of cash who always has a hot girlfriend. The one you originally thought you'd like to murder in his sleep, but later decided it would be more fun to wake him first and taunt him with his pending demise. The trucks and boats full of... read more

MIranda Kerr Seems To Have Tits

The best thing about these inane Parisian fashion shows is seeing tons and tons of half-naked models. That and the fresh baguettes and the discounted admission fees to the French Museum of Epic Surrenders. Also the saucy river whores will snuff out their cigarettes... read more