Montana Fishburne Blames Trump, Pees on Side of Road (VIDEO)

Montana Fishburne may have peaked during her brief paid porn era. Right about the time Laurence Fishburne did a reverse paternity test and lowered his head into his hands. read more

Montana Fishburne In A Sports Bra

Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery ids="1488202,1488212,1488222,1488232,1488242,1488252,1488262,1488272,1488282,1488292,1488302"] read more

Montana Fishburne In A Bikini

Montana Fishburne struck some sexy poses on the beach. Her big tits were barely contained in her bikini as she tried to make potential suitors forget that they're destined to look down at her during sex and feel like they're banging Morpheus. Photo Credit: FameFlynet... read more

Montana Fishburne In Her Underwear At The Beach

Certain women can pull off the close cropped hair thing. Certain women can not. Here's Larry Fishburne in bra and panties on the beach in L.A. He's lost weight. Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery... read more

Montana Fishburne was on Opie and Anthony

Montana Fishburne was on Opie and Anthony this morning, and I don't know how I expected her to sound but she seemed delightful. She sounded perky and adorable, especially while saying she's wanted to do porn since she was 16, wants to do more, and is even open for anal... read more

Montana Fishburne was arrested for assault

Three weeks ago we learned that 19-year-old Montana Fishburne is doing porn now (more), and last week it came out that she was arrested for prostitution in November (more), and today we learn that in February she was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, battery and... read more

Montana Fishburne was a prostitute

Montana Fishburne, the 19-year-old daughter of Laurence Fishburne, has her fist porn dvd coming out in 2 days, but you could have watched her have sex in 3D last year. When she was a prostitute. Court records obtained by E! News show that Montana Fishburne was arrested... read more

friday morning headlines

LAURENCE FISHBURNE - made an offer to Vivid to buy every copy of his daughters first porn movie. What a pervert! One copy wasn't enough, you sicko? (tmz) MONTANA FISHBURNE - says she's always wanted to do porn. "I am not in porn to get into acting. I am in porn because I... read more

Montana Fishburnes porn tape is early

The sextape from Laurence Fishburnes 19-year-old daughter Montana (though not really a sextape but rather a porn shot to look like a sextape) has been moved from an August 18th release date to August 10th because of demand. And while Montana says she and her dad are on... read more

monday headlines

AVRIL LAVIGNE - went swimming in Malibu yesterday and for a second her top slipped down a little (NSFW version here). If you can't open the picture right now, just imagine someone took Grovers nose and put it on a dry erase board. Except not that sexy. (the sun) LADY... read more

Laurence Fishburnes teen daughter does porn now

Unless Laurence Fishburne is a huge fan of the 1990 Wilson Phillips hit 'Impulsive', he probably won't want to watch this video of his 19-year-old daughter Montana announcing that she's doing porn now. Because "porn" is those movies where men and women have sex. Also... read more