Natalie Dormer Should've Been GQ Woman of the Year

I'll take a girl who accidentally flashes her panties over a woman who demands ten Armenian drams to cow punch her snatch any day. I prefer the mystery and the unexpected. Natalie Dormer fled the GQ Awards with her British counterparts when GQ leased their soul to Beelzebub and named Kim Kardashian Woman of the Year. This is the kind of social offense that used to lead to world wars. Natalie climbed into those deep...

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Natalie Dormer Has Crazy Eyes

If you've never dated a woman with crazy eyes, you're really missing out on one of life's true risky pleasures. I don't care if you scaled Everest using just your dick and a rubber band, until you've been with a woman who urges you to get some sleep while she stares catatonically at the kitchen knives, you've never really taken chances. If she asks you if you like her best friend, that's just code for, how shall I...

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Natalie Dormer Camel Toe Is a Spiffy Trick

When you've awkwardly shaved your head and you're wearing no makeup for cancer and you've got to run a full marathon for charity in front of a ton of cameras, hell, I'd show off my vagina too if I had one. I'd wear it as the family crest on my banner, proud deep sweaty lips to let the public know, hey, look down here, buddy. I'm not just a face that you remember looking so much better on TV. British people are super...

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Natalie Dormer Topless And Covered In The April 2014 Issue Of GQ

Photo Credit: GQ [gallery id="3966"]

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Natalie Dormer In Esquire

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