Natalie Portman D-Minus Harassment Tale Dominates the Last Men on Earth Podcast #111

Be sure to subscribe to the Last Men on Earth podcast on iTunes. Apple takes all the upside, but once a year they mail us a piece of Steve Jobs embalmed back hair to snap into our Christmas nog. read more

Madison Beer Unimpressed Cleavage and Shit Around the Web

Child stars all grown up, Monica Bellucci nude and sticky, and more! read more

Kate Hudson Classic Beauty and Shit Around the Web

Paris Hilton’s Halloween duds, Mr. Skin’s nudity filled DVD releases, and more! read more

Frida Aasen Hot Aasen Hell and Shit Around the Web

  Drew Carey’s hot girlfriend, Chanel Iman at the beach, and more! read more

Natalie Portman Shows Her Ass And Shit Around The Web

Pre-preggo Natalie Portman shows off her Queen Amidala bare ass in Planetarium. Her husband loved it, until she rolled over and he realized she was a girl. read more

Actors Are Not People

W Magazine published a spread of actresses young and old who will likely be up for awards this January and February when Hollywood stands in a circle and jerks off on one another. Not the black people obviously. read more

68th Annual Cannes Red Carpet

Cannes started again. Nobody can seem to stop it. Cannes is the annual film event in the South of France where European people you don't know but are quite certain you would hate mix with Americans you know you hate to celebrate movies you will never watch. Roman... read more

Natalie Portman Seems Grounded

Things I learned from the Hollywood Reporter's gushing interview with Natalie Portman: she's insufferable. Bruce Jenner inquiring if he could have the clit off the woman he killed in the Lexus came off as more humble. Portman has a ton of views on a ton of things all of... read more

Nobody Likes Natalie Portman And Shit Around The Web

Natalie Portman's favorite whine is how Star Wars ruined her life. It seems that after she gave a shitty stilted performance in those steaming turd prequels no one wanted to work with her. Now she can only cry into her fat Lucas paycheck and residuals. Read all about... read more

Chris Hemsworth's Wife Is On the Jealous Side

I don't know why this story bothers me so much. I think it's the sadness sweeping over me knowing that even successful Hollywood actors who could nail any woman end up married to a woman who vagina lashes all the fun out of them. That's metaphysical angst or something.... read more

Natalie Portman Could Use a Decent Meal

Natalie Portman used to be the shit. The bomb. The little Jewish girl who could. I'm not sure what happened to her. She married a gay ballet dancer and they somehow produced a child and then she disappeared after what appears like many months of hardcore fasting. No... read more

Natalie Portman is attractive

Natalie Portman is in Austin today filming a movie with director Terrence Malick, who everyone says is so great, but I thought of looking down her shirt and dressing her up as a slutty country girl way before he did. I had that idea, like, 5 years ago. I even photoshoped... read more