Weinstein Victims Gather For Cheesecake Photo

At this point in the #MeToo pandemonium, it's hard to tell the victims from the casual opportunists. Sort of like the fallout from war. Somebody gets to be the guy who makes a fortune selling munitions to the military. read more

Natasha Henstridge Bikini Pictures Look Different

I don't remember Natasha lugging those enormous cans around in Species. That might've been a different movie. Oh, no, here comes the alien. Wait, she's still coming. Now she's breathing heavy. I think her tits hurt. I guess the lesson here is that when life gives you... read more

Natasha Henstridge Seems Like A Lot Of Fun

Answering the question, "What the hell ever happened to Natasha Henstridge?" the 39-year old star of Species and Ghosts of Mars was out partying with some friends in West Hollywood last night, and she definitely looked a little different from what I remembered. Natasha... read more

bouncy bouncy

I don’t know where Natasha Henstridge has been lately, but I'm glad to see that her breasts have gotten 18 times larger.  I don’t know how she’s doing it.  I think it might be magic.  (picture source = getty images)[gallery guid=810096] read more