Nicki Minaj In An Arm Bra And Shit Around The Web

Nicki Minaj covers her giant titties with her hands. They keep making the breasts bigger. The hands stay the same. read more

Nicki Minaj Snake Tits And Shit Around The Web

Nicki Minaj wore a sheer dress with snakes all over it to show off her tits. The snakes symbolize temptation. Her tits symbolize advances in modern plastic surgery sciences. Together, they form the ancient crest of a one night stand. read more

Nicki Minaj Visor Wear Just Got Tit-Serious

There aren't many places in the world a woman can expose her bare fake tit in public and not create so much as a murmur. Any former GDR discotheque coms to mind. Also, Paris Fashion Week. It's considered rude to stare. Though insane with jealousy is the mandatory... read more

Nicki Minaj Tits With Visors And Shit Around The Web

Nicki Minaj shows off her giant tits and wears a stupid visor for some reason. Actually, it's how you'd request her to dress if you two were alone back at your place after dinner. read more

Nicki Minaj's Publicists Need Better Metaphors

It was an up and down weekend for Nicki Minaj. She spoiled rumors that her own people planted in the news that she was pregnant by posing in a series of revealing latex albums. In the old days, women used to simply say, nah, I'm not pregnant. Social media has changed... read more

Nicki Minaj Snapchat Hotness And Shit Around The Web

Nicki Minaj knows that Snapchat is for scantily clad pictures. She could sing, but, you know. Her ass is more real. read more

Nicki Minaj Is a Beast

Nicki Minaj has received two nominations for the Teen Choice Awards. Neither of them had to do with wanting to lose your virginity in her ginormous fake ass. Let's just assume girls make up the bulk of the online voting. Minaj celebrated by posting pictures to Instagram... read more

Nicki Minaj And Madonna Fashion Forward

The Met Gala is New York's version of the Oscars, only you don't have to have a job to attend, just a really expensive dress. Until fully audited, consider it a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum which needs to remain open so student filmmakers at NYU have somewhere... read more

Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham Go Lincoln Douglas

Nicki Minaj called Teen Mom a #BigCUNTon Twitterbecause Farrah Abraham spoke rudely to her mom on some MTV reality show where ugly people with lots of makeup dab their eyes with tiny facial wipes. Twitter turns out to be the perfect universe for the limited lobed people... read more

Cosby Costume Deemed Offensive

Nicki Minaj and other responsible party trick or treaters took time away from looking like inflatable human fuck toys to criticize the inflatable raping Bill Cosby costume. If you set aside the feelings of a hundred rape victims for one evening, the costume itself is... read more

NIcki Minaj And LeAnn Rimes Halloween Titties in White

Some time in the 1980's slutty women stole Halloween from the children and nobody gave a damn because slutty women are where children come from and people inherently respect causality. Now every Halloween costume for woman begins and ends with -- how does it make my tits... read more

Beyonce Showed Up Big For Business

The streaming music Tidal has swept the nation and re-defined the way music is consumed by being completely forgotten about since their underwhelming launch six months ago. Tidal was the brain child of Jay Z and a bunch of other extremely high earning music stars who... read more