Nicole Murphy Knocks 'em Dead and Shit Around the Web

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Nicole Murphy Wants Her Money Back

Nicole Murphy isn't just a forty-seven year old who shouldn't be doing bikini photo shoots any more, she's a woman on a mission to punish a con-man who swindled her out of $7 million in Eddie Murphy divorce money. She's set to testify in the trial soon of some guy who... read more

Nicole Murphy Splashes In Black Bikini In Miami

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Nicole Murphy Mixing Drinks

Nicole Murphy's reps are pushing some story about how she's getting over her breakup with Michael Strahan by doubling her efforts on promoting her crappy wine. Destiny Moscato, I guess that's a wine. It sounds like a porn star who will only do ATM after her boyfriend... read more

Nicole Murphy In A Bikini

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fuck you Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy, who has been divorced from Eddie Murphy for 6 years yet still uses his last name to open doors, enjoyed some leisure time in Beverly Hills yesterday, which was possible since her only job is occasionally blowing rich guys (currently Michael Strahan). Here... read more