British Chicks Seem Less White Than Usual

Sane people acknowledge that fashion is a farcical avenue for ambitious gay men to subjugate women entirely for the purpose of making money and living fabulously. Or they will one day. It's for women and men who have no interest in sports. Russell Wilson and similar... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Living the Life

Nicole Scherzinger is a solid reminder that slender Hawaiian chicks with big full breasts generally do well for themselves. Scherzinger's always been good looking, something she merged with her more middling musical talent to be cast in numerous chick performance bands in... read more

Nicole Scherzinger in A Bikini

Nicole Scherzinger understands the boyfriend game. She moves among and between successful professional athletes in non-contact sports. read more

Nicole Scherzinger In a Bikini

Nicole Scherzinger is the U.K. X-Factor judge who didn't get caught in a drug conspiracy case or fuck a baby into his friend's wife this past year. That makes her something akin to the Elks Club Teenager of the Month. She also has a nice bikini body. Which makes her much... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Twerks Onstage (VIDEO)

Nicole Scherzinger is proof that you don't need to be good at a lot of things to be successful in life. Just pick one good one to master. Hitting a dimpled ball into a cup and having a crazy fine ass are two I'd recommend to boys and girls respectively. Not that girls... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Her Booty Out In London

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News, FameFlynet [gallery guid=803541] read more

A Bunch of Super Hot Girls Battled The AIDS

Thanks to Donald Sterling and the Duck Commander and vast swaths of sub-Saharan Africa, The AIDS gets a really bad rap. But, make no mistake, it's an everyman's disease. At least, you should repeat that if you ever get invited to one of these amFAR galas they schedule... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Is Still Very Photogenic

Former Pussycat Dolls singer and current very attractive woman Nicole Scherzinger was in California yesterday for a photo shoot for an unknown magazine at the world famous Cadillac Pink Motel. I don't know what the theme of the shoot was either, but I assume that it's... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Knows How To Pick Them

Nicole Scherzinger attended the X Factor dinner party at Shaka Zulu in London last night, and despite the fact that she appeared to have not slept in 20 years, she still looked pretty amazing. I can't quite put my finger on why she looked so great, but it's almost as if... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Is A Sexy Cat Woman For Halloween In London

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, PCN [gallery ids="1623112,1623122,1623132,1623142,1623152,1623162,1623172"] read more

Good Morning, Nicole Scherzinger's Legs

There are probably 50 or so network TV talent shows right now, so I can't keep track of which one that Nicole Scherzinger is on, whether X Factor, American Idol, The Voice or Your Shitty Kids Need To Learn That Singing Isn't a Job (this winter on TBS!). But Nicole and... read more

Nicole Scherzinger > Everyone Else

I have to be honest, I kind of forgot that Nicole Scherzinger even existed until I saw these photos of her arriving at the X Factor press launch yesterday in London. But now that I've been reminded that she's still a person who is alive, I'm wondering why she's not more... read more