Nikki Lund And Nikki Leigh Take Their Workouts Seriously

One of these mega-yammed bleached blond Nikkis is a Playboy model and the other is currently designing a line of leopard skin pants with Richie Sambora. I could look it up and figure out which one is which, but that would break our implied social contract. We pretend... read more

Nikki Leigh In A Bikini

Who are these 138 Water people? Is this even real or is some kind of Halloween III: Season of the Witch scheme where all the bandwagoners will be holding a bottle of 138 Water in their hands on All Hallowed Saints Day and worms will crawl out of their putrified brains. I... read more

Nikki Leigh In A Bikini

If you went solely by Nikki Leigh photo shoots, you'd think she spends her days by a pool in a bikini in the Hollywood Hills. But when you dig a little deeper you find that she actually spends her days by a pool in a bikini in the Hollywood Hills. Being a hot woman must... read more

Nikki Leigh in Lingerie

At some point, they're going to run out of 'guy things' for Nikki Leigh to rub her body against in bikinis and lingerie. But today is not that day. The Playboy model is either selling cars or selling stockings or maybe just providing the test photos used for the Boy... read more

Playboy Is Selling Condoms

Playboy is spiraling the financial drain, but they're not going down without protection. Everybody wants a licensed condom covering their dick. There's not a dude I know who isn't showing off the trademarked logos on his prophylactic. And I can't imagine the thrill a... read more

Nikki Leigh In A Bikini

Nikki Leigh is a Playboy Playmate, a moniker that stays with you for life. Sort of like herpes, except you don't want that for life, unless maybe you got it from long rounds of sexually deviant pursuits with Nikki Leigh. In which case, you've got what some would call... read more

Raquel Pomplun Is Your New PMOY, Let's Party

In an annual tradition just about this time each year, Hugh Hefner's body is lifted from its cryogenic lube tank and he's outfitted and propped up to shake the hand of the newly named Playmate of the Year. This tradition has been going on for decades, though as a younger... read more