Leonardo Dicaprio And Nina Agdal Approaching Sex on the Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio plows through more tier one model trim than any of his industry peers. Completely unashamed. Core training is for suckers. Fucking models half your age while maintaining a beer belly is all seven of the world's highest mountains. Fly your private jet to an green house gas emissions conference. You're literally untouchable.

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Nina Agdal Greased-Up Booty And Shit Around The Web

Nina Agdal isn't American. But we've allowed her into our nation because we have cocks and balls waiting at the shores for attractive women from overseas to arrive we just assume are easily duped. The West Coast is probably better in that regards. Europe is ruined since they got The Kardashians on satellite. No more ingenue au pairs.read more

Nina Agdal Bikinis In Coney Island And Shit Around The Web

Nina Agdal went in a skimpy bikini to the annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, NY. Usually there aren't chicks as hot as Nina in Coney Island. It's mostly junkies and condoms not used by the junkies but used just the same.read more

Models Reminding You That You'll Never Fuck a Model

As if 5'10" size-zero girls with enough money to afford designer dresses didn't represent an elite enough class already, now they're launching an invitation-only app to highlighttheir exclusivity. Models you jerk off to and the rich male toads they fuck for money attended a launch party for a new fashion app. The app is called Armarium, and it allowsmembers toborrow dresses and accessories from high-end designers. How...

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Nina Agdal Punches Stuff

Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, Nina Agdal, posted a video of herself boxing with a trainer in Miami. Boxing is the new spinning which was the new pilates which was the new hip-hop yoga which was the new zumba. Agdal looks pretty sharp, snapping those tiny fists of fury like a girl who any guy over fourteen could still probablyoverpower and sexually assault. It's a miracle women ever leave the...

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Nina Agdal's Lingerie Show And Shit Around The Web

What's better than Nina Agdal in a bikini? Nina Agdal in lingerie. I'll always take lingerie over a bikini. Because psychologically seeing a girl's undergarments means sex is imminent. If only it was with Nina. (Last Men On Earth) Who doesn't like nice juicy asses? (Radass) Unpronounceable hottie Paula Bulcynska gets topless for View Magazine. (Egotastic All-Stars) Is it just me or is Tara Reid looking a little less...

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Nina Agdal in Lingerie

The idea of a female President hasn't caught the same tsunami as the first black President. I'm not seeing the me-too bumper stickers like I did in 2008. Even low information voters inherently understand there are more women in this country than men. More female college students, professionals, lawyers, doctors now, and even coaches in the NBA and NFL where women previously only held positions as baby mamas and...

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Nina Agdal Eats Hash Browns With Feet

Sport Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal posted a video to Instagram attempting to eat hash browns with her toes before spilling them on her face and laughing like a Japanese schoolgirl. While most of us find this worthy of a shrug there's at least one dude in your office who's jerking off in the bathroom right now. This was apparently done in honor of National French Fry Day, which is the ad council's contribution...

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Nina Agdal Splits Her Pants

Advances in technology are a true balance sheet of plusses and minuses. Before I released my photo rich social media platform, I'd ask myself what percentage of famous hot girls would be posting photos of splits in their pants versus the million of duck faced random drunken narcissists sharing selfies at Denny's late night. The Manhattan project scientists didn't just build the atomic bomb without considering...

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Nina Agdal Topless and Shamed

You ever get the feeling you're not supposed to be looking at somebody without their clothes on? Another five minutes and I'll figure out how best to body shame Nina Agdal. Those elbows. Is she kidding anybody with that ass? Accept yourself the way you are if you wish, but you're living a lie. Fatty. Photo Credit: Frederic Pinetread more

Nina Agdal Poses In Bikinis For Luli Fama Swimwear

Photo Credit: Luli Fama Swimwear [gallery id="2450"]

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Nina Agdal Poses In Lingerie

There's a special place in Hell for people who Photoshop nipples out of perfectly good pictures. Image editing software was invented to put Emma Watson's head on nude bodies, not to smudge out nature's own finer bits. In the dark ages, maybe the middle ages or the Renaissance, the popes ordered artists to lop off all the exposed junk in classic sculptures and paintings because Jesus hates genitals even though his dad...

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Nina Agdal Wears Bikinis

Photo Credit: BeachBunny/LoveHaus [gallery id="2827"]

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Nina Agdal Wears Lingerie For Leonisa

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Nina Agdal Now in Underwear

I'm glad to see this chick is branching out from her swimsuit modeling. Making the move into underwear is no small decision, but you get nowhere in life without taking risks. Guys who ran the railroads eventually figured out they had to get into airline travel or face extinction Maybe they just paid off tons of politicians to keep subsidizing the railroads so we'd still have them one hundred years later. Either way,...

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