Petra Benova In a Bikini

Whenever I show a picture of this model I reflexively mention how her sister is better looking. I can't help myself. She inevitably sends me an angry letter screaming that her sister is not a whore. Some day I'lll put that connection together. Once I had a middle school... read more

Petra Benova And Her Hotter Sister Play In Bikinis

It's been a few months now since I heard from Petra Benova on why I'm a freaking asshole for pointing out that her sister might be the better looking of the two, and with a much nicer ass. I suspect Petra regrets not having offed her younger sibling in her cradle the... read more

Petra Benova In A Bikini

Yeah, Petra Benova is still angry at me. She probably won't like me saying she's beginning to look like an Eastern bloc tennis player from the 80's. Martina Navratilova in particular. I think she probably ought to consider eating something this month, before the... read more

Petra Benova In A Bikini

At this point I'm pretty much just posting pictures of model Petra Benova because she wrote me a letter saying I was a jerk and how much she hated me. It did get a bit misty as it reminded me of the last birthday card my mom sent me where she bastardized the Hallmark... read more

Petra Benova Gets Bum Rushed

What happens when you're a hot ass bikini model and you go to the beach with your friend and she's got a nicer butt than you? You cap her ass? Tip your cap? Or just hope nobody is around with a camera? Model Petra Benova clearly got fucked on the latter when she met up... read more