Rihanna Is Your Humanitarian of the Year

Rihanna's Humanitarian of the Year Award from Harvard University surprised many people who didn't realize you could be a hard partying auto-tuned pop star and also be extremely charitable. read more

Beefing With Azealia Banks Seems Like a Bad Idea

Some lessons in life have to be learned the hard way. Likenever get in a fight with a crazy person. Mental patients care little for your superior muscles or legal power or social status. Even if you defeata nut job, what have you really accomplished? Classic lose-lose. read more

Chick Flick Reboots and Microsoft's Bestiality Gigs on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #73

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I delve into the inane mess of rebooting male movies with female casts, Joss Whedon rape murder torture threats, Microsoft kiddy torture porn jobs available, the sparseness of attractive women athletes and why that's okay,... read more

Barbados Needs a Better Tourism Board (VIDEO)

Barbados is celebrating its 50th year of Independence from British colonial rule. That's the day they finally told the English to leave, then promptly created four-color travel brochures reminding them how much they secretly liked fucking black chicks. read more

Rihanna and Uncle Terry Stole a Baby

Nobody spoke up when Rihanna grabbed her own tit or a cigarillo for Terry Richardson. The baby is another matter. Where'd the baby come from, Uncle Terry? Speak now or gargle out the answer from the unfriendly end of a waterboard. read more

Rihanna Sex in Sweden (VIDEO)

Rihanna's concert performance involves a suspended glass walkway she crawls back and forth across in ass-less chaps over the crowd. Your basic strip show main stage with higher production cost. At various ports of call, Drake shows up to simulate fucking her doggy style.... read more

Rihanna Nipples Hard for Sneaker Dollars

Rihanna celebrated the release of her third round of marked up sneakers by walking around Manhattan showing off her panties and nipples. They're Pumas with thick rubber soles called "creepers" because that sounds better than "we ripped off Vans and nobody gives a shit". read more

Rihanna Pushing Boundaries That Don't Exist

In case you weren't clear about the music marketing concept of Rihanna being mostly naked in her music video, she released outtakes of herself mostly naked filming her music video. Later she'll be posting upright dildo pics to Twitter, Instagram, and the Barbados Tourism... read more

Rihanna Tits Music Tits

Just to remind everybody how much better Prince was at the musical arts than anybody on the Billboard Top 100, Rihanna released a new music video where she walks around in a see-through robe showing off her nipples and cigarettes. She's rather consciously made an entire... read more

Rihanna's Ass Scores Album Cover

Your 20's are your golden years of pussy. If you didn't get laid as a teen, take comfort in the fact you have yet to hit your decade of peak sexual activity. By your 30's your married and your dick goes into a sad little box drawing dust in the attic next to your JV... read more

Rihanna Topless In 'Kiss It Better' (VIDEO)

Rihanna dropped another track about the complexities of fucking, getting fucked, and being in a constant state of needing to be fucked. This is the dick pic selfies of chick music. Dirty limericks have more complex verse. According to commenters, the song is amazing to... read more

Drake Grinds Rihanna to Make Auto-Tuned Babies

At this point in her career, Rihanna sings through vocal synthesizers almost entirely about getting fucked. Her music producers used to give her more to say but nobody was buying it. "Work" is her third song with Drake that follows the general message of, I think I love... read more