Beyonce Fans Lousy With the Rage

Beyonce released her Lemonade album via an HBO special over the weekend. The songs, written by Beyonce with an assist from sixty-seven of her literatemusic industry friends listed in four-point font in the credits, focused heavily on angry songs about marital infidelity. It can't feel good to be the husband in that situation, just trying to fuck your side chick on a Saturday night and flipping on HBO to see your more

Rita Ora Booty Flash And Shit Around The Web

Rita Ora is a singer with a swell pair of tits and and a nice ass. That's a substitute for musical talent. We can find ugly girls to sing. I bet just seeing her twat will give you eye herpes. (Drunken Stepfather) Edita Vilkeviciute's name is unpronounceable, but she looks hot in lingerie. (Last Men On Earth) Monica Engesser is topless for your viewing pleasure. (Egotastic All-Stars) Rachel McCord bikinis down in Santa...

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Rita Ora Isn't Trying Hard Enough

Don't bother 3D-printing up some space age tank top just to show off your nipples. Not if you're not going to show of your tits as well. The bakery shop around the corner doesn't just let you see the frosting and hide the cake. Maybe the gay wedding cakes so you can't see the Leviticus spit stains. Are you even trying to make weight for this fight? Nobody needed to tell Miley Cyrus to stick a lit joint in her snatch...

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Rita Ora Topless for Uncle Terry

I can't remember anything I ever wrote about this person now that I've seen her bare tits. Such is the power contained within the naked female body. Didn't you used to deliver me the wrong mail for two years? Why are you flashing me your.... best post woman ever. It happens just like that. Though what I just described is a federal crime. Still, you can't look away. Remember when people were protesting Terry more

Rita Ora And Daisy Lowe In Bikinis In Miami

British people instinctively find each other when traveling abroad. The tight phalanx formation prevents the sun from breaching their melanin starved skin. Also, they can mention the royals and other people actually seem interested. It's the same reason they make pedophiles share the same apartment buildings. Sometimes you just need to be around people that get you. Did you ever hear the one about the British chick...

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Rita Ora Bikini Nipples

I guess this suit looked different in the store when you tried it on. America doesn't tolerate nipples, you bleached blond Albanian British strumpet. Watch our TV shows. They're not about the tension between the social classes and they don't feature milky white tits on semi-attractive women with frizzy hair. This should never happen in Miami. Close down the strip clubs and telemarketing boiler rooms for a day more

Rita Ora Seasons Greetings (VIDEO)

People who bitch about Christmas devolving into a celebration of shopping and anxious consumerism have yet to witness these series of stripper videos set to Yuletide costumery. I can't remember how many days are in the Advent. Christ only knows. Every famous chick eighteen to thirty is contractually bound to shimmy their tits and ass in one of these Love magazine seasonal videos. Mrs. Claus stopped putting out in more

Rita Ora in A Bikini

The Kardashians still blame Rita Ora for breaking Rob Kardashian's heart and turning him into a fat hapless fuck. This as opposed to driving his father to an early grave and making Rob watch his mom and sisters fuck for money. Or choosing sock designer as his reality show through line. A fragile kid can only take so much emasculation. She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she...

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The Tits Of The VMAs

Nothing says pay no attention to the crappy music in the background like taped up, strung up, and largely revealed tits. Stop looking at my cold sores. Have you seen my tits? Last nights VMAs set a new record for tits. Singers showed off their tits. Actresses showed off their tits. Whatever Chrissy Teigen is showed off her tits. Britney Spears tits were so dominant hardly anybody noticed Kuato emerging from her more

Rita Ora Sheer Top With Pasties

Pasties have become big again as bras have disappeared and pop starsdon't want to lose their consumer brand advertisers. Pasties were first invented to make you wonder why you ever agreed to spend money in a Florida strip club. You can use pink hearts, yellow moons, or orange stars, you're still fucking up what could've been a wonderful evening. Why did I pay $80 to see Rita Ora in concert again? No, not the fabulous...

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Rita Ora Abandons Feminism

Rita Ora is being accused of abandoning feminism because she collaborated with Chris Brown on her new single. It's not clear that Rita Ora was a feminist in the first place, but the charge of abandoning feminism is still a handy go-to. Rather than apologize, Ora doubled down by comparing Chris Brown to the best of mankind: I see how he treats his people and he's a good person with a good heart and a lovely family....

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Rita Ora Nip Slip In Paris

Two things happen at Fashion Week. Wealthy people on SSRI's exchange absurdist level of details concerning clothes. And the small number of straight dudes in attendance wait for famous chicks to flash their nipples because nobody who is anybody who is getting paid to be in Paris is wearing undergarments. I spy Rita Ora. I've seen her nipples more than my last two girlfriends combined. One of them had three, so I'm...

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Rita Ora Intimidates Men

Rita Ora claims her confidence and bravado are too much for the men she dates and often sends them running. Who has she dated? Calvin Harris, the wonderfully coiffedelectronica DJ and Rob Kardashian. I don't know how to describe him. Not formidable. There remains the option of dating men who don't reflexively curl up into a protective womb ball at the first hint of nanny's perfume. It's okay to date weak men, but...

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Rita Ora And Charli XCX Seem Musically Gifted

Nothing says my music is ass like just showing off your ass. Fuck, if you could sing through those things I'd download a song or too. The gross levels of sexualization of pop music is tremendous evolutionary step forward. Why can't I fap to a little ass or a chick in a cheerleader outfit while girls struggling with their teen identities pay for the music? The objectification of women is only a problem when it's more

Celebrities Show Off Their Bikinis On Christmas

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