Rose McGowan Backs Up Renee Zellweger

Rose McGowan has come to Renee Zellweger's defense even though nobody asked her to. Beats working. She has beef with a writer named Owen Gleiberman who wrote a piece in The Hollywood Reporter about how it's fairly odd that Zellweger got a new more

Rose McGowan Calls Out Apocalypse

A few years ago Rose McGowan made the switch from tight tank topped femme fatale who sleeps with her directors to muckraker railing against Hollywood for being sexist. It's like graduating into the Sr. PGA Tour. After having bad plastic surgery and shaving your more

Rose McGowan Single Again

Rose McGowan cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce from Davey Detail, a young visual artist known for his flamboyant hair styles and total lack of income. Like many celebrity couples, the two found it difficult to make time for each other. Detail was regularly touring European hostelswith his found object art projects and McGowan was triple booked in tight tank tops speaking truth to Hollywood sexism. Nobody...

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Rose McGowan Breaking Bald

Rose McGowan is following the inevitable trend of disillusioned Hollywood musical chairs participants. What do you do when the music stops and there's no seat left for your tits? People used to love them. People with position and title and little tiny penises but really nice cars. Now those knockers are on a low-rent mall tour for third wave convenient feminism. By the time you've shaved your head it's already too...

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Rose McGowan Piles on Caitlyn Jenner

Rose McGowan joined the chorus of trulylonelypeople angered by Caitlyn Jenner winning Glamour Woman of the Year Award, but not for the reason you might think. Or for any reason that makes sense to somebody not perpetually experiencing the pain of their born gender. McGowan, who has perfected the art of wearing tight tops then chastising everybody who stares at her tits, took exception with Caitlyn stating that the...

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Rose McGowan Nipples Tell No Tales

Rose McGowan continues to protest the tight tank top roles she's forced to play in B-moved by showing off her tits for the paparazzi in Beverly Hills. It's a protest so subtle, that you have to fully commit to its irony just to begin to understand it. The lion tamer can't bitch when everybody asks him to bring the lions along. Nobody wants to see a sullen dude in a brilliant gay suit hoisting a whip at their party....

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Rose McGown Busty White

People who question how Rose McGowan can rail against the low cut wardrobe requests for her films and yet publicly employ her tits for twenty years to get aheaddon't understand the pure joy of double standards. You lament double standards when you can't use them to your advantage. Why not be the preacher who berates whores on Sundays and fucks them blind Monday through Friday? It's a good gig if you can get away with...

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Rose McGowan Sick of Sexism, Now That It's No Longer Helpful

Rose McGowan claims her talent agency fired her for ranting about a casting note to wear a tight tank top with push-up bra for an audition for the role of woman in tank top and push-up bra. Rose had to disparage and share the sexist wardrobe note on her social media to mark her transition from using her tits to get work to complaining about it. Also to conveniently dismisshow male actors routinely have to hit the gym...

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Rose McGowan Knows Things

Rose McGowan took a pot shot last week at Senator Ted Cruz for his quote that gay people love is worse than the Josh Duggar kiddy sexual assaults. You can even see Ted Cruz in a photo with his arm around the creepy Duggar family dad. The problem is, Cruz never made this remark. And the photo is clearly shopped with him cut and paste next to the 19 and Molesting Dad. The fake memecame from some site on Facebook that...

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Rose McGowan Topless on Facebook

This topless photo Rose McGowan posted on Facebook is noteworthy for two reasons. One, Rose McGowan is a forty-something woman with nice tits. That should never be overlooked. Second, everybody knows you can't show tits on Facebook. It drives The Zuckerberg into ferocious teething on his security blanket and the slaughtering of ten thousand virgins in Nairobi to balance the scales of Misogyny. It's cool, he owns more

Rose McGowan Can't Be Topless Enough

I'm not sure if Rose McGowan made a bet with a friend who she's just the only go-to named actress in Hollywood who will flash her bare cans for a reasonable rate, but she seems to be topless in half the style and arts magazines this month. I could explain how Rose is ten times the feminist any of the ranting ladies of the Northeastern college corridor, but I'm kind of busy looking at her tits again. That's her more

Rose McGowan Without Clothes

I like Rose McGowan. Most people couldn't handle a child rapey commune upbringing with such aplomb. At forty-one, she seems to know exactly who she is. A lightly working actress with spectacular tits. That's not all she is, but I summarized. Kobe does other things besides play basketball, but nobody cares. Photo Credit: Flauntread more

Rose McGowan Shows Off Her Cleavage At The Chateau Marmont In West Hollywood

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News [gallery ids="1756626,1756623,1756625,1756624,1756627"]

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Rose McGowan Intimidates Men With Her Mind

A few years ago Rose McGowan's agent told her not to talk so muchin meetings. Of course the agent didn't tell her to shut the fuck up, she had to stroke her ego in her request: "I had an agent that told me not to speak in meetings because I was too intelligent,and it was stressing to the men" Surely Ivan Reitman was unable to follow her nuanced musings on house industrial music. McGowan's agent was female also and the...

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I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Rose McGowan's Boobs

I still get a little shy when I first see a woman's bare breasts. It goes back to my days as a pre-K when grandma and her equally large friends would strip in front of me to take saunas. It wasn't the sagging bare flesh that got to me so much as the union of exasperated sounds of older women releasing their heavy mammaries from their support bras. It was like a coven of witches cackling over an eye of newt Groupon. If...

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