Serena Williams Murders The Twerk (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus popularized Twerking and there it should've died. Maxim went fatal toilet bowl circle and named that marmoset faced midget the hottest woman in the universe. Twerking became a worldwide meme. read more

Serena Williams Isn't a Beast, She's Our Beast

Every four years Serena Williams ceases being a tennis player and becomes a forward display of American strength at the International Olympics. Fuck you, ISIS. Got one of these? read more

Serena Williams Big Strong Bottom And Shit Around The Web

Serena Williams ass isn't for everyone, but if it chooses you, your opinion doesn't matter so much. That ass will tear down walls and plow through drywall to get what it wants. Once you're on the list, simply submit. read more

I Wonder Who Won Wimbledon Again?

If you had money against the chick who has sixty percent more muscle mass than her closest competitor, don't bother searching for your ticket. Being the physically biggest, strongest, and fastest doesn't necessarily get you ahead in life, though in sports in turns out to... read more

The Nike Wimbledon Dress Gets Re-Stitched

Wimbledon seems important in those moments you forget it's a British tennis tournament. Cute. Nobody from Latvia is buying tickets now that you left them paying for Greece's unfunded DMV worker pensions. Nike designed a tennis dress for their sponsored athletes based... read more

Serena Williams Dominates

Serena Williams has dominated the French Open with her tennis skill of being five times bigger and stronger than her nearest competitor. An offensive lineman who can bench press two thousand pounds would be tough to get past. Why do the nose tackles keep ending up in the... read more

Serena Williams Grows Stronger

I've never said shit about Serena Williams. Look at those fucking muscles.I want off the kill list. Williams is going bare midriff now to show you what 34 inches round of pure abdominal muscle looks like on a lady. Djokovic wants more tournament money for men's tennis... read more

Maria Sharapova Tests Positive

Tennis star and mail-order-bride-look-alike Maria Sharapova has tested positive for meldonium, a substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the people who made sports less exciting. Uglier tennis players notshowered with endorsement deals have orgasmed over the... read more

Serena Williams Fudged

Serena Williams went on Facebook to humble bragthata thug stole her cellphone at a restaurant and she went mad dog through the establishment, took him down, and pummeled him into the cement. She posted an old picture of herself in a Supergirl costume and referred to the... read more

Rowling Spots for Serena

Here's a new pastime for nitwits. Cherry-pickanegative comment on Twitter, crafta response, then wait for the SEO title specialist at Yahoo or HuffPo or EW to label it once more,'The Perfect Comeback'. How old do you have to be to remember real journalism? J.K. Rowling... read more

Serena Williams Muscle Mass Shamed

If you're looking for the definition of numb nuts reporting, look to journalists using selectiveTwitter posts in lieu of research. Everytime Serena Williams wins another title, some social media trolls will inevitably drop banana eating gorilla n-bombs on Twitter because... read more

Serena Williams Seems Unstoppable

Serena Williams launched her own 5K charity run in Miami over the weekend. The event was considered a huge success even though nobody showed up except for the team of scientists the government pays to study Serena's powerful haunches for military application. The race... read more