Beatification of Serena Williams Marches On

Brawny paper towels wants to remind you of the groundbreaking women in American History. The greats like Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, and Serena Williams. Not necessarily in that order. read more

Serena Williams Mouthwatering

It's inspiring when a high school gets together and nominates the girl with Down Syndrome to be the prom queen. Prom queen is an idiotic title without any depth of meaning beyond the girl most people want to hate fuck. Serena Williams isn't a disabled teen. read more

Serena Williams Now Pulling Taylor Swifts

There was a few years there where Taylor Swift was winning every single music award because fourteen year old girls were spending all their parents' money on her shit and the RIAA honors that appropriately. Swift's routine of pretending she was shocked to the core by each... read more

Serena Williams Can't Stop Looking Amazing

Every time Serena Williams introduces a new women's fashion line or accessory, it's hard not to be wrenched back to childhood when mom made you tell your aunt how much you loved your new unsightly Christmas sweater. read more

Serena Williams Engaged To Reddit Co-Founder

Serena Williams is getting married. If you had her pegged for a husband her physical equal, meaning a Big John Stud or perhaps Optimus Prime, you were wrong. If you had her pegged for a guy she could peg, collect your two hundred read more

Serena Williams Wants Gender Equality Now

Perhaps it's a sign of social progress that a black woman from Compton is now flush with time and energy to complain about female athletes not receiving similar accomplishment status to male athletes. Serena Williams simply won't let gender equality go as an issue in one... read more

Serena Williams Gender Bender

Serena Williams looks like a dude. There's something going on here. Clearly not a healthy level of estrogen. There are a few possibilities: She and her sister may be hermaphrodites. read more

Serena Williams Tits at Fashion Week

If anything you had to hope that lovable assaultive prankster Vitalii Sediuk took a crack at Serena Williams heading to her Fashion Week designer affair in Milan. read more

The Serena Williams Hottie Mythology Continues Unabated

The basis of the argument that Serena Williams is a crazy attractive woman seems flimsy. It's often related to her professional accomplishments, her female tennis domination, or her commercial acumen. read more

Serena Williams Murders The Twerk (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus popularized Twerking and there it should've died. Maxim went fatal toilet bowl circle and named that marmoset faced midget the hottest woman in the universe. Twerking became a worldwide meme. read more

Serena Williams Isn't a Beast, She's Our Beast

Every four years Serena Williams ceases being a tennis player and becomes a forward display of American strength at the International Olympics. Fuck you, ISIS. Got one of these? read more

Serena Williams Big Strong Bottom And Shit Around The Web

Serena Williams ass isn't for everyone, but if it chooses you, your opinion doesn't matter so much. That ass will tear down walls and plow through drywall to get what it wants. Once you're on the list, simply submit. read more