Sharon Stone Brain Hemorrhage Causes Nudity

Sharon Stone is coming clean about the brain bleed that caused her to lose all her senses and get brand new tits just to restore her speech. Her harrowing medical experience whose medical charts were subsequently shredded and burned and avowed of any existence by the medical community, caused Sharon Stone to realize that she was going to have to restore her career from rock bottom: I thought, 'You know what? I more

Sharon Stone Nipples Are My Hero

I like that Sharon Stone shows off her recently purchased tits. It's honest. I paid for them, they're nice, look at them, motherfuckers. We do the same with cars and babies. Contextually it can be difficult to take in a nearly sixty year old woman with the perky nipples of a teen girl leaving a One Direction concert, but no more so than seeing a 120 pound socially awkward app developer stepping out of a Lamborghini....

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Sharon Stone Still Won't Wear a Bra

It might be time to re-animate Theodor Geisel and have him pen some instructive prose along the lines of Could You Would You Please Wear A Bra. Sharon Stone's latest tits only date back about a couple or three years, but there comes a time when Grandma needs to throttle down on the free swingers. Twenty-five years ago men would've killed to have Sharon Stone tits slapping them in the face, now her commando tits are...

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Yes, Sharon Stone, We All See Your Boobs

I bet if you carbon dated Sharon Stone she'd come back triple digits. Though a black raven would probably peck you to death before you were able to share the results with the world. But her tits look to be about the same age as the last bastard baby born in Hollywood, and Sharon is determined to get her money's worth. Screw all those gals who get new yabbos and put on a covering sweater and act like they didn't more

Sharon Stone Refuses to Reverse-Defect to Cuba

Sharon Stone is suing the producers of a Hemingway biopic because she didn't want to go to Cuba. You know, because it's fucking illegal. It all started when the cut-up crone was cast as Hemingway's wife Mary in a film called Papa which is being produced by Bob Yari. Part of the film is supposedly getting shot in Cuba where Hemingway lived for many years drinking and fucking Havana's famous whores. It is against the...

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Sharon Stone Goes Braless

Whoever draws the short straw has to tell grandma to put her bra back on. Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet [gallery id="5088"]

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Sharon Stone Would Like Your Attention, Please

Sharon Stone has been hanging out in Paris for Fashion Week with one of her young sons, and it's safe to say that the kid is never going to have to worry about receiving a failing grade from any of his male teachers. The 55-year old actress had her high beams in full effect while taking a stroll, and I think it's obvious that time has been pretty good to her. In fact, it's a testament to an actress's career that we've...

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Sharon Stone Trots Out the Boobs

This is the third official Cannes Film Festival for Sharon Stone's latest version tits. Not bad for rentals really. Sharon barely made it through customs as European countries continue to crackdown on the transporting of freshly drawn children's blood from which Sharon draws her life sustaining force. Next stop for Sharon, the Venice Film Festival followed by death. Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, FameFlynet, WENN...

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Sharon Stone And Kate Moss Made Out For Charity

By 1995, Sharon Stone had followed up her breakout role in Basic Instinct with a string of "must show tits" movies, including Sliver and Intersection, so she probably decided that there was more to life than being a soft lesbian scene away from Cinemax's 3 a.m. time slot, and announced that she was joining amfAR as Chairman of the organization's Campaign for AIDS Research. To this day, Stone remains the celebrity face...

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Sharon Stone wore a see-through shirt

Sharon Stone, who is 54, wore this see-through shirt to the anfAR Inspiration Night in Paris last night, but didn't wear a bra, because those are for prudes. That's "AmfAR", as in, "I'm glad I amfar enough away that I didn't have to pretend like I wasn't staring at 54-year-olds surprisingly nice tits at a party last night." (image source = inf) [gallery...

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Sharon Stone has real flair

Sharon Stone, who is 51, stripped down to a bikini today in Sardinia on the yacht of some jewelry guy named Giorgio Damiani, and goddamn she is annoying. She can't even wear a bikini right. All she had to do is stay in that but she also wore that frilly full-length orange and purple thing. Between her big veiny hands and her outfit it's like she's a professional wrestler or something. (hq jump here. source = inf daily...

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sharon stone forgot something

It was easy to miss these pictures of Sharon Stone from Elton Johns Academy Award party, because it’s Sharon Stone at Elton Johns Academy Award party. Not exactly Megan Fox at the Blowjob Olympics. No one cared. Except for her, as it turns out, because she went to the trouble of selecting a sheer black dress and no bra, which results in see thru pictures 100 percent of the time. She couldn’t be begging for attention...

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Earlier this week, a California judge released his decision in the case between Sharon Stone and her ex-husband for the custody of their adopted son, Roan. Among other things, the judge said..."Another example of an overreaction is that Mother suggested that Roan should have Botox injections in his feet to resolve a problem he had with foot odor. As Father (Phil Bronstein) appropriately noted, the simple and common...

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Holy Shit! A California court today has released its decision in the ongoing custody battle between Sharon Stone and her ex-husband for their adopted son, Roan. And it is as bad and one sided as any decision you’ll ever read, that doesn’t end with the kid in a shallow grave. Take every unstable image you have in your head for Sharon Stone, then multiply it times 10. Now add 17. Now add some crazy circus music and the...

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