Kendall Jenner Searching for a Hyphenate

If Audi commercials have taught us anything it's that being rich and pretty and stupid isn't enough for our daughters anymore. Kendall Jenner has made a small fortune being mostly naked and staring into the distance thinking about puppies.  read more

Sienna Miller In a Bikini

The European celebrities are in the South of Spain this summer. Greece used to be the chic hot spot in July until the commies decided the retirement age should be thirty-two and bankrupted their cute little village nation. Spain remains the Mexico of Europe. Street... read more

Sienna Miller in A Bikini in Cannes

Sienna Miller was in a Clint Eastwood movie last year but that didn't disqualify her from being named a panelist on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival. In that role, she will have to pretend to watch twenty-seven tiresome films, at least half of which will involve an... read more

Jude Law Sold Out By His Own Family

Jude Law almost lost the remainder of his hair in court when he learned that he was not the victim of tabloid phone hacks ten years ago so much as the fact that a member of his family had been selling his personal information to the press. During the News of the World... read more

Sienna Miller Cleavage At Just Like A Woman Screening

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, INF, WENN [gallery ids="1404162,1404172,1404182,1404192,1404202,1404212,1404222,1404232,1404242,1404252,1404262"] read more

Wednesday headlines

THE HANGOVER 3 - is already in development, and Zach Galafianakis says the story will center around his character getting sprung from a mental institution. In other words, expect to see his ass in a hospital gown. (rolling stone) SALT 2 - could be on the way now that... read more

afternoon headlines

OLIVIA WILDE - is single, having separated from Tao Ruspoli after 8 years of marriage (wait, what?) because she thinks she got married too young (at 18) and now she wants to "sow her wild oats." In other words, "fuck". And if you think that's surprising, how do you think... read more

Sienna Miller is cruel

Sienna Miller and Jude Law are still on a god damn yacht off the coast of Ibiza, Spain, where she spent the day in a bikini stabbing at him with her vagina and telling stories about my dong. And look at him. Just sittin there, takin it. It's sad, really. (image source =... read more

Thank God for Sienna Miller

This week has been boring as hell so far, and that's best illustrated by the fact that Sienna Miller bikini pictures are actually exciting. They're not even that great, but just the fact that they exist is a reminder that girls wear bikinis, and at least that's nice. Of... read more

afternoon headlines

MEL GIBSON - claims his girlfriend tried to extort money from him in return for the tapes she made, and now she's being investigated. The tapes likely won't be admissible in any legal action against Mel, but the press he's received has already ruined him professionally.... read more

jude law is clingy, sienna miller is in a bikini

Jude Law and Sienna Miller went to the beach in Ponzo, Italy today, and it was quite the window into their relationship. Sienna is the one who spent the day smoking, drinking, looking cold and jumping off shit into the water, while Jude is the one who wanted to spend ...... read more

is everything okay, sienna?

Sienna Miller was still in Barbados this weekend, and if 2010 marks the end of "flipping off the paparazzi" and the beginning of "goatse the paparazzi", this year is gonna have a lot of peaks and valleys. (source = splash news online) [gallery guid=809171] read more