Kelly Rohrbach Roars Back and Shit Around the Web

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Bruna Marquezine On the Cover of a Magazine and Shit Around the Web

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Kristen Stewart Craving Men Again

Girls go through phases in their lives. Muff diving is a popular one when it comes to women exploring themselves. Especially in college. Lesbian until graduation. But Kristen is not ready to lock herself down to pearl diving only. read more

Chantel Jeffries Bosomy Black Bikini and Shit Around the Web

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Stella Maxwell Eats Pizza For Fat People

Supermodel Stella Maxwell spills the details of her pizza preferences during an exclusive interview with US Weekly. The twenty-seven-year-old shocks by divulging that her guilty pleasure is "A margarita pizza, thin crust!"  read more

Kristen Stewart Lesbian Upgrade

Who knows what Kristen Stewart is really like? Not the puff piece writers at People, or the essayists at Vogue who sit down to lunch with her on the veranda to discover her complexities. read more

Snapchat in Canada Also For Illicit Sex And Shit Around The Web

Canadian teacher used Snapchat to send titty pics to her eighth graders, then she blew a few. Welcome Canada, you're one of us. (Casey Anthony)   read more

Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell Kickoff Milan With Nipples

Fashion Weeks are like the Annual Fundraising Drives at your local elementary school, they take place five times a year and everybody pretends that's kosher. read more

Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart Seem Happy

Lesbians aren't so different from you and me. Or not so different at all if you're also a lesbian. Kristen Stewart became a lesbian a couple years ago when she looked in her closet and decided she was mostly there. She's transitioned easily into the butch role as she's... read more

It's Official, You're Lesbians

It's weird how people so quickly take on the guise of central casting characters when they assume a new role in their life. Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell clearly employed a lesbian lifestyle coach to develop appropriate wardrobe and mannerisms affected by millennial... read more

Stella Maxwell Finding Her Lesbian Position

When you see dogs meet each other at the park, there's a tremendous amount of ass smelling and some instinctive determination of positions of dominance and submission between the canines. Somehow they figure it within moments. Lesbians take more time in declaring butch... read more

Kristen Stewart Finally Smiling

Sexual fluidity means that everybody who has the means will eventually find themselves going down on a Victoria's Secret model. It's the game winning touchdown of life no matter what team you play for. read more