Susan Sarandon Settles On a New Rack

Susan Sarandon made a statement at the Cannes Film Festival by showing up on the red carpet dressed in a dude's tuxedo and flat shoes. Cannes has had a long tradition of enforcing a dress and heels only policy for women attending their numbingly elitist French film event.... read more

Susan Sarandon Ditches The Pool Boy

68 year old progressive temptress Susan Sarandon has broken up with her 37 year old boyfriend because he was obsessively filming their private life for a reality show. Also he didn't seem super interested in finding her G spot. Besides sharing a cosmic connection,... read more

oh hell yes

Oh thank God finally. Finally last night was the the night on "Californication" that Eva Amuri (Susan Sarandons daughter) got naked. If you don't know, David Duchovny plays a writer now teaching a college class and she plays a student in his class. Her face is a little... read more


Every election it seems the idiot hippies in Hollywood have to make these insane proclamations that they’ll leave the country if someone they don’t like gets elected.  This time the enemy is John McCain, and the first one on a private jet to Europe will apparently be... read more


Susan Sarandon attended the premiere of "The Life Before Her Eyes" last night in New York, and I'm not sure if you can see this, but right now I'm waving goodbye to my erection.  Goodbye ... goodbye!  Have fun!  Hurry back! [gallery guid=800509] read more