Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy Trade Cunty Insults On-Air (VIDEO)

It's unclear who suggested that a woman you want to see but never hear should move into radio. Jenny McCarthy hosts a show on SiriusXM because they have a ton of channels and she's well known for encouraging children to contract polio. Intentionally listening to women complain has to be some a sign of psychosis, similar to hearing voices of Civil War generals or attending political conventions.

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Tara Reid Still Working

Blond women with big racks are like lefty relievers in baseball. Even the older mediocre ones seem to keep landing gigs. Tara Reid made it nearly on time to the premiere of an Indian movie nobody seems to have heard of where she's the only non-Indian cast member.read more

Tara Reid Takes The High Road

You spend enough time passed outin a pool of your own waste and you learn a little something called perspective. Last week Elizabeth Banks was interviewed about directing Pitch Perfect 2 and took a totally unprovoked shot at Tara Reid: There was a group of us girls coming up. A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not. I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn't all make it. We're not all...read more

The Irrepressible Tara Reid Brings Down Corporate Exec

A few things not to touch in life. That homeless guy's boil, that twitching squirrel in the street, Tara Reid's tits when she slurs out an invitation. The Chief Technology Officer of California's Blue Shield insurance company got shit canned for spending $100,000 on his corporate credit card winning the heart of Tara Reid in a fling earlier this year. The pink slip came when Aaron Kaufman submitted expenses for a...read more

Tara Reid Sinking, DJs Be Inking

Shortly after Tara Reid bared her sloppy ass flesh to the Miami jet setters, the thespian boarded a flight back to L.A. where she got wasted, met a kid who claimed to be a DJ, got him wasted, landed, and escorted him to a tattoo parlor to get her name inked on his forearm for the forever. Tara then took off because if she's not home before the booze wears off, her carriage turns back into a pumpkin. The most telling...

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Tara Reid Raises Questions

Tara Reid occupies an interesting space in the male psyche. You remember herfondly fromthose American Pie films yet she's done a ton of weird shit to her body and now has a creepy cruise ship chick vibe. Curiously her face still looks the same and this poses another series of questions: Would she be your Dream Weaver if she didn't have a catheter sticking out of her navel? Do you throw the baby out with the bathwater?...

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Tara Reid Offered One Million Clams for Sex on Camera

WWTDD offers Michelle Obama $100 million to her favorite crappy lunch food for kids charity if she'll have donkey sex on camera. Donkey need not be house trained. See how that works. Porn companies figured out five years ago if they offered large quantities of cash to public figures to have sex on camera they could get tons of free publicity. TMZ typically obliges them with a story. GameLink.com, there, more free pub,...

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Tara Reid Seems Self-Conscious

I'm compelled to applaud Tara Reid with more than just the fake clap I give junior family members when I'm forced to sit through ballets and Christmas pageants. Nobody in my lineage has the grace of Tara Reid who at thirty-nine is still expressing her attention seeking drunken teen and posting blurry photos of herself with her hands on her sticky parts. Every Arby's employee spends their break time differently. As...

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Tara Reid Seems To Be Cooking Nicely

Not enough people look toward the sun for complementary radiation treatments. You get enough high frequency gamma rays and it is possible to neutralize the bugs in your blood stream conventional science says can't be combatted. I read this in a travel brochure for Oaxaca. Free radiation and the opportunity to join the ground floor of some growing drug cartels if you'e decent with a hatchet. Tara Reid is almost...

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Tara Reid Looks Ready

I don't wish death on anybody. That's some necromancer karma you don't want bouncing back. But I do gamble on it. Tara Reid has been eating up space in my 2014 celebrity death pool since January 1. The Sharknado resurrection seemed a setback, but seeing Tara exit the plane in Australia I've started easing into my winnings. Tara's traveled to Australia presumably to trek out into the Outback until kangaroos feast on...read more

Tara Reid Goes Down

Nobody gets deeper into Halloween character than Tara Reid. Reid's get up of toasted Tara Reid tasting pavement was spot on. She's worked this costume out before to similar effect. The real trick is convincing a friend to play the role of supportive bestie. It's exhausting working alongside genius. Photo Credit: AKM-GSI [gallery id="2846"]

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Tara Reid Shows Off Her Cleavage At The Sharknado 2 Premiere In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Getty [gallery ids="1756632,1756633,1756634,1756635,1756636,1756637"]

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Tara Reid Is Not Dead

Every few months Tara Reid makes a Sharknado movie or posts an ungainly photo of herself to Twitter so that her parents don't have to speed dial the coroner to go take a peek in her apartment. It's really more of a social service than a means to garner attention. Tara's proof of life photos tend to be of her in a bikini looking like she's just gave birth in the storage room of a third world bar. There are many reasons...read more

Tara Reid In A Bikini In Australia

Whenever I see Tara Reid in a bikini, the thought always comes to mind, wow, I can't believe she's still alive. I have friends serving overseas or working in dangerous domestic professions or those afflicted with potentially dangerous medical conditions, but it's always Tara Reid that I just assume has fallen off a booze cruise and been eaten very slowly by millions of krill. This is why Tara sends out Twitter...

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Tara Reid Posts Bikini Photos To Twitter

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