Taylor Momsen Makes Topless Music

Taylor Momsen's music speaks to me. Especially that part where the naked girls start feeling each other up. I know Gwyneth Paltrow used to call Chris Martin a musical genius back when she was running the shower massager over her clit and pretending her juice bar barista... read more

Taylor Momsen Painting Her Tits Again

I'm not sure why this Taylor Momsen chick keeps painting arrows on her tits but I'm going to go ahead and just guess that her music is awful. It took me a while to figure out why Miley Cyrus kept flashing her skank and why Rihanna will bust out her nipples for a rusty... read more

Taylor Momsen Is Trying to Tell Us Something

I'm not sure how old this Taylor Momsen girl is these days. Older than she was when she played Cindy Lou Who and hopefully older than eighteen. All I know is I love her music. I haven't heard any yet, but just based on the fact she painted her naked body with the... read more

Taylor Momsen Has an Ass On Her

You may recall that Taylor Momsen quit that show you never watched to make music you never listen to. And now it's time to pay some damn attention to her, because you can see her ass on the album art for Going to Hell, her provocative new album. Provocative sounds like... read more

Taylor Momsen Lifts Her Top In Lauderdale

Taylor Momsen is backsliding. A couple years ago she was flashing her duct tape covered tits in hot club venues across Europe, just barely eighteen, drinking, smoking, fondling other chicks onstage. She was looking like the poster child for fun shit you can do instead of... read more

Taylor Momsen Still Goth

I was always partial to the Goth chicks back in high school. It was easy to pretend that they looked good behind all that dramatic makeup and if you were willing to whisper shit like, 'I bet your parents would hate me,' you had a pretty good shot at getting lucky. But... read more

Taylor Momsen may or may not be naked

According to Taylor Momsen, Taylor Momsen is naked in this spoken word video for ‘Under the Water' by the Pretty Reckless, but it's on youtube so how naked could she really be. Just skip to the very end; she looks more like one of those androgynous figures in a Marilyn... read more

Taylor Momsen looks like a good singer

‘Gossip Girl' star Taylor Momsen, who is 17 by the way, certainly was a busy little bee this weekend. First she performed at the Heineken Festival in Venice on Friday, then at a club in Amsterdam on Saturday, then at the Download Festival in England yesterday. None of... read more

Taylor Momsen is hardcore

Taylor Momsen put on her designer tough girl outfit and hit some clubs in New York last night, or at least she would have if it didn't take 15 hours to put on those ridiculous boots. So instead she got some coffee and pouted in the sunshine. (image source = splash news... read more

Taylor Momsen is inappropriate

Justin Bieber is the biggest star on earth right now if you're under 12 or creepy, and last night was the LA premiere of his movie Never Say Never. And for some reason Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl took that to mean she should go to the Generic Slut Store for a "sexy"... read more

taylor momsen is a bad girl

Taylor Momsen (who it turns out is not the same person as Taylor Swift) was on the set of 'Gossip Girl' today in a super short skirt and smoking a cigarette. Which is noteworthy because she's only 16 years old. I don't condone anyone breaking the law, but it's admirable... read more