Nobody Understands The Legality of Swift/West/Kardashian Phone Recording (VIDEO)

A plethora of armchair lawyers and dumb bloggers are speculating as to the legality of someone recording Kanye West's phone call to Taylor Swift. To recap, she's a liar and if you look at her face it seems plausible she drinks kitten blood.

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Taylor Swift Stone Cold Busted (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift has vociferously maintained that she had no advanced knowledge that Kanye would malign and objectify her sexually her in his idiotic song, Famous. Swift insists she was shocked and pissed on behalf of herself and all woman-kind when she heard these misogynistic lyrics in Famous:

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Taylor Swift Bonafide Sociopath

Calvin Harris is a DJ, although he actually produces some of the music unlike Paris Hilton who has someone assist her to press Play on an iPod and then stands there with a butt plug in. Harris dated Taylor Swift for a spat because she wanted to diversify her portfolio. I've fucked athlete, actor, rapper, musician, and artist. What about DJ? This sex thing isn't all it's cracked up to be, it's just super numb down...

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Taylor Swift Has An Admirer

The problem with stalking Taylor Swift is she'll only bang you for one magazine cover cycle, and then only if you're slightly outweighing her in popularity. To be fair fucking your stalker would garner a lot of headlines, and it was the plot of nearly every movie in the 90's. Some guy named Joseph Bernatche showed up at Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion and asked her to marry him. Who has a mansion in Rhode Island, more

Taylor Swift Has Vag Will Travel

Taylor Swift is a dangerous sociopath and the brains behind 9-11. She wan't twelve, she was a precocious twelve. She most likely owns several strap-ons which makes sense because all of her boyfriends are gay and her vag is dryer than the conditions that created the more

Kim Kardashian Calls Taylor Swift A Liar

Taylor Swift got on her Nazi feminist high horse because Kanye West mentioned her in one of his songs. For a chick who has fucked much of Hollywood she's quite the prude:read more

Taylor Swift Breaks Another Heart

Taylor Swift is in the enviable financial position of never having to marry the jackasses she dates. Calvin Harris is a DJ and music producer which doesn't really explain what he does but he makes a shitload doing it. Like the Arabic guy at the end of your block who seems to be in FILA tracksuits and never goes to work. Though you should probably report him. See something say more

Taylor Swift Looks Different

Vogue magazine pitched Taylor Swift on a day in the real life of Taylor Swift piece. Swift approved and randomly picked the day she was going to be the maid of honor and sing at her childhood friend's wedding. It's unclear if the childhood friend is real or a super cute paid extra, along with several other visits Swift and the reporter make in her quaint hometown where everybody steps out of a Norman Rockwell painting...

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Selena Gomez Seduced by Swift

The role Taylor Swift plays in the life of her all-female friends is to convince them to dump their loser boyfriends. According to HollywoodLife which takes quotes from publicists and frames them as exclusive insider stories, Swift wants Selena Gomez to excommunicate Justin Bieber entirely and forever. Swift didn't like how Bieber disrespected Selena Gomez at the iHeart Radio Awards. She made no mention of the more

Did Taylor Swift Get A Bigger Ass And Shit Around The Web

Many people noted that Taylor Swift suddenly produced an ass at the iHeart Music Awards. Even the Kardashians enhance based on a slow fat drip system that requires weeks tied to an IV cord. Could they be pads in her pants or was it just the trick of becoming so incredibly flat on her frontside? I found her lack of ass offensive. (TMZ) Emma Roberts frolics around West Hollywood in a blue sports bra. (Last Men On Earth) more

Taylor Swift Dominates iHeartRadio Music Awards

Looking less lifelike than the Scarlett Johansson semen robot, Taylor Swift showed off her Mattel rotocast tits and won every single award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. She long ago gave up that painful shtick where she pretends she didn't know she was going to win and fumbles for words. Now she just calls everybody her bitches and pisses out of her plastic slit onto the first row of seat fillers. The award show...

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Taylor Swift in A Bikini

Taylor Swift continues her long distance relationship with Calvin Harris, the electronic music DJ from England that makes some obscene amount of money with his iPod and Garage Band. Swift is keeping up the pretense she has a womanly figure and digs men. I'm game if she is. Having a British boyfriend you only see once a month is super convenient hetero-normative cover for the gossip rags. Teen girls don't get why more

Kesha Vacations

Kesha was recently photographed deplaning in Turks and Caicos for a vacation with her boyfriend. A bunch of people who have trouble thinking in color wondered how Kesha could move from reliving her suggested rapes at the hand of Dr. Luke to galavanting on a tropical beach vacation. Certainly once raped you would never want to lay out on the beach again. Throw yourself into the volcano before your brothers tire burn...

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Amy Schumer Plus Size Guffaws

Amy Schumer posted a picture of herself to Instagram in a bikini with the caption, "Taylor that's not a thigh gap, this is a thigh gap." The comment in reference to Taylor Swift who paraded about the Grammy's like a provocative but sensible stork in her shiny pink full-sized panties. Taylor Swift took the comment as intended, as a joke. She knows deep in her heart she's much prettier and more perfect than more

2016 Grammy Awards the 49th Best Grammy Awards Ever

Grammy's music is akin to grabbing the iPod of a random teen girl chewing bubble gum and pressing shuffle play. You throw in a desperate attempt to feature every single black person in the recording industry into the mix and you have crappy Seacrest radio play music enveloped by an African motif. The Lion King celebrated the dark continent less than the 2016 Grammy's. Some old people came on to tribute even older more