Taylor Swift Does Okay

Remember that time you made fun of Taylor Swift then you found out she made $170 million this past year? That's a lot of cheese for a bunch of mildly catchy country pop ballads. She didn't even have to fuck anybody. Literally, she didn't fuck anybody. read more

David Mueller's Legal Team on Top of Things

Denver radio DJ David Mueller's legal team claims the leaked Taylor Swift ass-grab photo exonerates their client rather fully. They're short on specifics, but it's not like a long term unemployed disc jockey can afford Swift level attorneys. read more

Taylor Swift Releases Ass Grab Photo

Taylor Swift has zero credibility as a person. So, we'll start from zero. Would it benefit her orchestrated and opportunistic feminist schtick to have been sexually assaulted? Absolutely. Does that mean if she is actually assaulted that it's invalidated? No. We'll have to... read more

Taylor Swift Ass Grab Trial Gets Underway

Somebody goosed Taylor Swift backstage at a 2013 holiday concert meet and greet. Swift insisted that Denver local radio DJ David Mueller stuck his hand up her skirt and grabbed her bare cheek during a photo op. That's so fucking Mueller. read more

Demi Lovato Deeply Unhappy With Her Genes

Demi Lovato claims to be quitting show business for a while yet continues to say incendiary things in interviews, perhaps making the transition from an annoying shitty performer to simply an annoying person who doesn't perform. She says she's going to focus on 'charity... read more

Taylor Swift Distractions

Hope for the best and plan for the worst. When things are going well for Taylor Swift, you'll see none of her tits. During publicity recessions, she's suddenly the bustiest chick in the room. Dressed like a co-ed aiming for the captain of the football team. Consider this... read more

Taylor Swift Spandex Booty And Shit Around The Web

Say what you want about her, Taylor Swift has a tight ass. You could spank it, if it's the last thing you want to do on this planet before being taken out by moonlighting Mossad security. read more

Taylor Swift Jackable Curls

Taylor Swift's public relations team is frantically trying change the story from Swift bitch slapped by the Kardashians. Also zero MTV video music award nominations and being a horrible shrew who makes souvenir guitar strings from Zika babies aborted outside of the womb. read more

Taylor Swift Knows The Game

After being caught lying about her involvement in Kanye West's shitty song, Taylor Swift did the smart thing and shut the fuck up for the allotted amount of time before you're issued a new victim card. It seems unlikely Swift will ever acknowledge the fact she was busted... read more

Taylor Swift Snubbed

Taylor Swift received zero nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards this year. The VMAs celebrate the shittiest content at the intersection of teen music and quick-cut videos featuring super limber gay backup dancers. Swift's ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris got nominated. As... read more

Kim Kardashian Still Fucking With Taylor Swift (VIDEO)

Nobody fucks with Taylor Swift. Kim Kardashian fucks with everybody. This is the battle earth has been waiting for since Xenu launched his first volcano burial business. read more

Nobody Understands The Legality of Swift/West/Kardashian Phone Recording (VIDEO)

A plethora of armchair lawyers and dumb bloggers are speculating as to the legality of someone recording Kanye West's phone call to Taylor Swift. To recap, she's a liar and if you look at her face it seems plausible she drinks kitten blood. read more