Katy Perry Hates Taylor Swift

Pop music star battles are the encephalitic younger cousins of rap star battles. Just smile and hand it that balloon it keeps staring at. read more

Taylor Swift Disguised To Fuck This New Boyfriend

Taylor Swifthas been in hiding for the past few months, fueling speculations that she's actually a slice of plain white bread in a wig thatneeds to be periodically swapped out due to mold. The charismatic starch has actually beenporkingyounger British piece, the... read more

Women Turn on Taylor Swift Who Will Pretend to Give a Fuck

Women who spent this past weekend belting out their gynecological bona fides have started attacking the posers who didn't show up to march. It's only a matter of time before women turn on each other. You can't abort cattiness. read more

Taylor Swift Shows Off Little Round Ta-Tas And Shit Around The Web

Taylor Swift hits the town in a tight tank top at the gym. By hitting the town, that would be seven seconds from private car service to the backdoor of the gym with private bodyguard running interference. read more

Taylor Swift Charms 96 Year Old Male Fan

Today in fake news, Taylor Swift performed a heavily documented private concert for the friends and family of a 96 year old WWII veteran named Cyrus Porter who is supposedly her "biggest fan." read more

John Mayer Lamely Disses Taylor Swift

John Mayer just threw major shade at Taylor Swift! If you were to read that obnoxiously sensational headline you might think he said she had a huge vagina or that she actually has no friends, the latter actually being true. read more

Taylor Swift Shut That Shit Down

Denver radio DJ David Mueller isn't remaining silent during his civil case with Taylor Swift who's suing him for grabbing her ass during a promotional photo op. FlatAssGate rolls on with Mueller claiming Swift's false charges of goosing cost him his job while Swift claims... read more

Taylor Swift Does Okay

Remember that time you made fun of Taylor Swift then you found out she made $170 million this past year? That's a lot of cheese for a bunch of mildly catchy country pop ballads. She didn't even have to fuck anybody. Literally, she didn't fuck anybody. read more

David Mueller's Legal Team on Top of Things

Denver radio DJ David Mueller's legal team claims the leaked Taylor Swift ass-grab photo exonerates their client rather fully. They're short on specifics, but it's not like a long term unemployed disc jockey can afford Swift level attorneys. read more

Taylor Swift Releases Ass Grab Photo

Taylor Swift has zero credibility as a person. So, we'll start from zero. Would it benefit her orchestrated and opportunistic feminist schtick to have been sexually assaulted? Absolutely. Does that mean if she is actually assaulted that it's invalidated? No. We'll have to... read more

Taylor Swift Ass Grab Trial Gets Underway

Somebody goosed Taylor Swift backstage at a 2013 holiday concert meet and greet. Swift insisted that Denver local radio DJ David Mueller stuck his hand up her skirt and grabbed her bare cheek during a photo op. That's so fucking Mueller. read more

Demi Lovato Deeply Unhappy With Her Genes

Demi Lovato claims to be quitting show business for a while yet continues to say incendiary things in interviews, perhaps making the transition from an annoying shitty performer to simply an annoying person who doesn't perform. She says she's going to focus on 'charity... read more