Tulisa Contostavlos in A Bikini

This chick is too wild to be British. Her dubstep group was tolerable for the genre. She went and blew one of the two leads from the band in a leaked sex tape (giant cock POV warning, you can see HERE on XXX site) that broke up the band. She got convicted of assault for... read more

Tulisa Contostavlos In A White Bikini

Jury acquittal looks pretty damn good on this X-Factor judge. After being found not guilty in some bizarrely set up tabloid newspaper drug conspiracy, Tulisa Contostavlos gave a fuck you to the world by getting dripping wet and showing off her mons in Bermuda. They say... read more

Tulisa Contostavlos Punched a Blogger

Can we all agree that bloggers deserve special treatment like people in Corvettes with blue placards or Congressmen or really good looking women in low cut tops? Freedom of speech starts and stops with pasty pale white chubby sedentary men with pistachio addictions.... read more

Tulisa Contostavlos Shows Off Cleavage As She Leaves Court In London

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, WENN [gallery ids="1692212,1692222,1692232,1692242,1692252,1692262,1692272,1692282"] read more

Tulisa Contostavlos Had A Nice Birthday Party

Tulisa Contostavlos apparently used to be some sort of a hip hop artist or pop singer in England, but all she ever seems to do lately is wear really tight outfits to nightclubs or revealing bikinis at pool parties, like she did this weekend for her 25th birthday. And... read more

Tulisa Contostavlos With White Powder On Her Leg After Cocaine Sting

Here's one thing that sucks about being famous. Elaborate newspaper cocaine stings. N-Dubz singer and X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos used to be a petty drug dealer in her rough teen days. She said she'd changed and wanted to be a role model for the kids. That's... read more