Vanessa Hudgens in A Bikini And Shit Around The Web

Vanessa Hudgens will never top her drunk naked cellphone video work at eighteen or what her handlers claimed was seventeen to get it removed from the Internet. It had drama, intrigue, and a whole lot of vagine. Many of us peaked in high school. Vanessa Hudgens has a nice short girl ass in a bikini(Last Men On Earth) Pauline Baly is topless because it's her job. (Egotastic All-Stars) Hotties Shay Mitchell, Ashley...

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Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Tisdale Merge Leggings

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those shocked by the Stephen Collins' admissions and those who have even been kid actors coming up in Hollywood. Corey Feldman is the Jose Canseco of former child actors. He wrote the book on the pedophiles and pederasts that fill Hollywood in unduly large numbers and everybody laughed at him. Just like Canseco on steroids. Two unlikable losers who happened to be more

Vanessa Hudgens Naked Selfies, Kim Kardashian Topless Throw Ins As Well, More Celebrity Leaked Photos

Way to fuck up my Saturday night. But, hell, for a chance to see Hope Solo wizard sleeves that even Gandalf would find overblown, not to mention disgusting, I can put down the absinthe. Another round of celebrity photos borrowed from the iCloud which runs about as safe as those old Western banks Butch and Sundance used to rob with a smile was dispersed onto the Internet via the Chans and Reddit re-feeds today. I had...

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Vanessa Hudgens Hated Boys Looking At Her

In an incredibly pointless interview in Flaunt magazine, Vanessa Hudgens unburdens herself of a high school experience made rough by constantly missing school for tryouts and small acting roles. Sometimes when we watch the artistry of a teen Disney show it's easy to forget all the personal sacrifice and casting call room molestations that went into that bit of taped magic. Vanessa says she intentionally tried to more

Vanessa Hudgens In A Bikini Near A Waterfall In Bali

Photo Credit: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram [gallery id="3468"]

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Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Stomach Exercising In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: [gallery id="3551"]

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Vanessa Hudgens Is Interesting Again

It's tough on people who peak in high school. They're barely shaving and their glory days are already behind them. I feared Vanessa Hudgens was like that. When she was getting loaded and flashing her snatch on camera at eighteen, I thought, man, she will never be more accomplished than she is right now. And for a good long while, that seemed true. But then she started getting herself parts in movies as the stripper, more

Vanessa Hudgens Is Good At Fitness

There are probably a million other girls just like Vanessa Hudgens in this world, girls who can sort of act and sing and are pretty attractive, but not getting any younger. Since it can all go away in the blink of an eye for someone who is so easily forgettable and even easier to replace, Vanessa has to really work hard to make sure that we spend at least 10 seconds thinking about her, when the movie roles seem to be...

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Vanessa Hudgens Throws a Bachelorette Party in A Bikini

It's well established through urban legend, porn plot #178, and office gossip that bachelorette parties are far wilder than you're typical guys bachelor parties. By the time men get to bachelor parties, they're just doing mostly the same shit they've done a dozen times before, only without a wet blanket future in law tag-along. Even the Hangover movie series couldn't get past number one without running out of more

Spring Breakers Is Getting A Sequel

When you're the 126th top grossing film of the year, there's going to be pressure to create a sequel. Even without the original writers, director, and at least half the cast, Spring Breakers will likely be getting a sequel. If you missed it the first time, it was another freaky pedo-leaning Harmony Korine art house film where his young wife got naked with a bunch of other topless girls in bikinis while really fucking...

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Vanessa Hudgens Hikes In A Sports Bra

Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way from spreading her legs for naked selfies to hiding beneath big stupid hats when out in public. I still recognize you, Vanessa. Your smile reminds me of your vagina from the time when you were more interesting and had cooler friends. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News, FameFlynet [gallery id="4315"]

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Vanessa Hudgens Goes Make Up Free In A Sports Bra For A Hike In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: PCN, FameFlynet [gallery ids="1707412,1707422,1707432,1707442,1707452,1707462,1707472"]

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Vanessa Hudgens Needs Some Christmas Joy

Not every celebrity is feeling the holiday spirit like the gentle angel that is Chris Brown, as Vanessa Hudgens looked like she'd received a lump of coal in her stocking while she was out jogging in Hollywood yesterday. Is she sad because she's kind of unremarkable unless she's playing trashy characters? Or is she sad because nobody's really paying attention to her except for one random photographer? Whatever more

Vanessa Hudgens Looked Hot For Charity

Vanessa Hudgens showed up to ULTA's "Donate with a Kiss" event in New York City last night to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and I guarantee at least one guy (or maybe woman) at the event looked at her, elbowed the guy next to him and said, "I'd research those breasts." But with all of these charity events for breast cancer and all of the money raised, why is it that we never hear more